2014 in Review

2014 in Review: The Top 5 American Idol videos


A new year is right around the corner, which means it’s time for Idol Chatter to look back at the best of 2014.

In this blog, my picks for the best Idol videos of the year.

Below, you’ll find my picks for the top five, followed by all the rest I could round up. If I missed any, let me know and I’ll gladly add them.

Now, the countdown …

5. Phillip Phillips, “Raging Fire”

This was one of my favorite Idol songs from 2014, and the video is a nice match, as Season 11 winner Phillip patiently lies still while artists work around him, then becomes part of the raging fire they’re painting. But, gee, you have to wonder if he was wishing for a warmer setting for the outdoor shots.

4. Danny Gokey, “Hope in Front of Me”

Great message and an inspirational video from Danny Gokey, the third-place finisher from Season 9 who went country for a while, then released a solid Christian album over the summer. This song was the lead single. The single and the album both hit number one on Billboard Christian charts.

3. Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood, “Somethin’ Bad”

What happens when the two top female artists in country music get together? Something very bad, apparently. Next thing you know, good girl Carrie is stealing jewels, pretending to be a biker chick, blowing up a building and posing as a tough girl for a booking mug. The song is on Miranda’s brilliant and aptly named “Platinum” album.

2. Haley Reinhart, “Show Me Your Moves”

Fans helped fund the video for Haley’s new single through an Indiegogo campaign. By the time it was all over, the third-place finisher from Season 10 had turned into a dance-crazed alien who lands in the Mojave Desert to show us her moves, complete with a cameo from old friend Casey Abrams.

1. Blake Lewis, “Retro Romance”

I’ve always considered Blake one of the most underrated Idol finalists. The Season 6 runner-up released another solid album in 2014 and this delightfully entertaining video featuring actress Kaili Thorne and cameos by the Incredible Hulk and the Rock Em Sock Em Robots‎. It was an easy pick for best Idol video of 2014.

A look back …

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And all the rest from this past year, in no particular order …

Warning: Explicit lyrics

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