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The Four names its Season 1 finalists


Evvie McKinney won a spot in The Four finale Thursday night. (FOX Photo)

Evvie McKinney won a spot in The Four finale Thursday night. (FOX Photo)

Barring unexpected twists, The Four has four finalists.

And, as is prone to happen on this hysterical, over-hyped show, the makeup of The Four changed pretty dramatically in Thursday’s episode.

In fact, unbelievably, no one who started the night with a seat in the four ended up with a seat in the four finale.

Gone in rather inglorious fashion is Jason Warrior, the only contestant to successfully defend his seat on The Four twice.

Also gone are Kendyle Paige, who upset show favorite Zhavia last week, Nick Harrison and Tim Johnson Jr. All three failed to withstand a single challenge to the seat.

New to The Four are Vincint, who defeated Jason, and Evvie McKinney, a 20-year-old from Memphis, Tenn., who delivered a nice performance of “Rise Up” by Audra Day.

Thursday’s episode was also comeback night on The Four.

Before Thursday, nine contestants had earned seats in The Four, then been eliminated. In its very selective search for greatness — is you couldn’t tell, that’s dripping with sarcasm — the show invited four of the nine back.

Those who returned included Ash Minor, Saeed Renaud and Candice Boyd, again all of whom failed to defend their seat a single time.

Also back, of course, was Zhavia, because the panel has already decided she’s going to win the show.

Anyway, Ash and Zhavia battled. Zhavia won, then took Tim Johnson Jr.’s seat on the Four.

Saeed and Candice battled. Candice won, then took rapper Nick Harrison’s spot.

So, that leaves us with a final four of Zhavia, Candice Boyd, Vincint and Evvie McKinney.

If anyone cares.

The winner gets a record contract with Republic Records, where The Four judge Charlie Walk was president, until sexual harassment allegations surfaced and he had to be put on leave from that post and give up he seat as a judge.

What a mess!

Meanwhile, Thursday’s winning songs are available on iTunes. As of 2 a.m., no one had cracked the Top 200. Ah, but Zhavia was checking in at number 190 on the pop chart with “Say Something.”

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