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Tim Atlas directs, shoots his own retro-looking music video


Tim Atlas, of The Voice Season 9, has released a music video for a song with more than 5 million plays on Spotify.

Tim Atlas, of The Voice Season 9, has released a music video for an original with more than 5 million plays on Spotify.

Tim Atlas from Season 9 of The Voice has released the music video for his song “Compromise.”

And it’s a music video with a retro look — like something you’d see on MTV’s early days — complete with animation by Andrew Agutos.

Tim directed and shot the music video himself, and had this to say about that experience.

“I didn’t realize what I was getting myself into when I decided to direct & shoot it myself, and it became a bit of an obsession over the last week and a half,” he wrote on his Facebook page. “For real — newfound respect for music video directors.”

As for the song, it’s one that Tim released late last year. Not to mention one that’s earned more than 5 million plays on Spotify.

“This song is about temptation and giving into vices,” Tim told “The video demonstrates a couple of my personal vices and I think every viewer can find something they can relate to as well.”

“Compromise” was one of three singles Tim released last year. The others were “Wander” and “The Other Side.”

He’s now working on a new EP, which would be his first since 2013’s “Lost in Waiting.”

Since The Voice, Tim has also used his production skills to help his former Voice colleagues with their post-show releases. That includes collaborations with Lyndsey Elm, Kota Wade and Summer Schappell.

Tim was 26 when he earned a spot on The Voice with a cover of Ed Sheeran’s “Give Me Love.” He advanced to the knockout round before being eliminated with a match with eventual Top 11 finisher Evan McKeel.

Here’s the new music video.

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