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Top 5 American Idol music videos of 2017


Today I start my look back at the best of post-American Idol music from 2017.

And I’ll start with my selections for the year’s Top 5 post-American Idol music videos.

Most of you will be familiar with a couple of the music videos below. I doubt many of you have seen all five.

For a look at all the contenders — all the post-Voice music videos I could find from 2017 — head here.

I’ve included all music videos — not lyric videos — from contestants who made the live voting shows from each season. Please, if I’ve missed anyone, let me know by commenting below.

Now, those Top 5 music videos.

5. La’Porsha Renae — “Already All Ready”

Idol’s Season 15 runner-up said she was a bit embarrassed about this video coming out because she dances in it. Nothing to be embarrassed about, of course, as La’Porsha delivers a bold and sassy message of empowerment with the help of students at South Pike High School in Mississippi, near her hometown of McComb. Ironically, the video wound up being filmed at what was her rival high school growing up because her alma mater didn’t respond quickly enough.

4. Scott MacIntyre — “Hope is Rising”

Music videos can deliver important messages too, like Scott MacIntyre’s reminder about the importance of becoming an organ donor. This music video is for a song he wrote with David Gentiles. The video features real-life footage of Scott’s second kidney transplant operation. It debuted at an organ donor awareness fundraiser held at Cal State Fullerton. Scott finished eighth on Season 8 of Idol.

3. Karen Rodriguez — “Happy April Fools”

A sinister looking cab driver drops Karen off at an amusement park. Dressed like a princess, anticipating the ride of her life, Karen enters — only to find loneliness and heartbreak. This was the first music video for Karen and it was filmed in an amusement park she went to as a child. Doesn’t she look and sound great? The 12th place finisher from Season 10 also released a Spanish version of the single and the video — “La Tonta de Abril.”

2. Why Don’t We — “Invitation”

Here’s a fun video from the boy group that includes Daniel Seavey, who finished ninth on Idol Season 14. Daniel asks a girl out to the movies. She accepts. He’s looking forward to a romantic night out with the pretty gal. But he just can’t seem to shake the other guys from Why Don’t We — Jack Avery, Corbyn Besson, Jonah Marais, and Zach Herron. This was one of five music videos from Why Don’t We during a very busy 2017.

1. Kelly Clarkson — “Love So Soft”

Okay, I’m not sure there’s anything soft about blowing up everything around Kelly when she hits a high note. And that spinning four-headed segment featuring Kelly and background singers Jessi Collins, Bridget Sarai and Nicole Hurst might give me a nightmare. But there’s no doubting this video directed by Dave Meyers is a visual feast. Of course, the real treat, as usual, is Kelly’s vocal.

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