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TSoul is The Voice’s king of Twitter entering the semifinals


TSoul performs during last week's Top 10 show on The Voice. (NBC Photo)

TSoul performs during last week’s Top 10 show on The Voice. (NBC Photo)

Unless The Voice changes the format for the semifinals, the final spot in the Season 12 finale will be determine by a Twitter save.

In recent seasons, the top three vote-getters during the semifinals have automatically advanced to the finals. And the lowest two vote-getters have been automatically eliminated.

That leaves the three singers who fall in between to compete for a save.

So if that’s the way it plays out, who has the advantage?

Check out the social media stats below. TSoul of Team Blake Shelton has the biggest Twitter following of the show’s remaining contestants.

TSoul calls his fans TSouldiers, and there sure are a lot of them, about 11,000 more Twitter followers than for any other contestant.

And pay special attention to the number in parenthesis. That’s the number of Twitter followers he’s picked up since his blind audition aired — again, more than anyone else on the show.

Of course, he’ll have to finish in the top six in the voting for any of that to matter.

Chris Blue and Hunter Plake have also made huge gains on Twitter over the course of the show.

That might come in handy for Chris. I doubt Hunter is going to need a save to make the finals.

Social media numbers for the Top 8 follow. All of the numbers are as of Friday, May 12.

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TSoul: 35,000 (+17,000)

Lauren Duski: 23,900 (+13,900)

Aliyah Moulden: 20,200 (+9.100)

Chris Blue: 17,500 (+16,600)

Hunter Plake: 16,600 (+16,350)

Brennley Brown: 16,300 (+14,800)

Vanessa Ferguson: 8,642 (+8,500)

Jesse Larson: 5,630 (+5,500)


Lauren Duski: 28,200 (NA)

Hunter Plake: 28,100 (+26,100)

Chris Blue: 27,000 (+26,000)

Brennley Brown: 26,300 (+23,00)

TSoul: 24,700 (+11,700)

Aliyah Moulden: 20,700 (+19,000)

Vanesssa Ferguson: 10,400 (NA)

Jesse Larson: 7,445 (+6,550)


TSoul: 18,432

Lauren Duski: 16,824

Hunter Plake: 9,238

Brennley Brown; 8,854

Chris Blue: 6,684

Vanessa Ferguson: 5,290

Jesse Larson: 4,773

Aliyah Moulden: 3,506

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