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Twitter reacts to American Idol’s new judges


Lionel Richie has been added to the American Idol judging panel.

Lionel Richie has been added to the American Idol judging panel.

Lionel Richie was apparently the last piece of the puzzle.

With the pop superstar inked, ABC has announced the judging lineup for its American Idol rebirth — Lionel, country star Luke Bryan and previously announced Katy Perry.

The show will return sometime early next year; ABC hasn’t said exactly when.

If you’d like to read about how thrilled the new judges are to be on board and working with one another, head here for the official press release.

Instead, I searched the #AmericanIdol hashtag on Twitter for the following reaction, which ranges from excited to indifferent.

Out of fairness, there’s also a lot of reaction on the official American Idol Facebook page. In fact, more than 1,000 comments under the Luke Bryan announcement and more than 300 under the Lionel Richie announcement.

Not all are glowing. Some fans clearly are not thrilled with the Katy Perry selection. Some fans, believe it or not, are worried about the new judges political leanings.

Personally, I was hope for an all-alumni judging panel. See my dream choices here.

Here’s the Twitter reaction I rounded up.

Laurie Motley‏: “Judging by the decision from #AmericanIdol – I will not be watching. Opportunity missed by the show.” (Tweeted with photo of Adam Lambert)

Brittany Tutterow: “Stop trying to make #AmericanIdol happen, it’s not going to happen.”

Brittany Andrus‏: “I use to like The Voice more but if Katy Perry is a judge then Idol it is!”

Kendrick Porter: “I love Lionel but who thought this was a good choice next to Katy Perry and the hip thrusting country dude. #AmericanIdol Katy Perry! Jump off this ship now.”

Willy: “I hope when American Idol re launches it’s an honest competition and not driven by the producers as to who wins! #AmericanIdol”

Luke Bryan will be a judge on American Idol 2018

Luke Bryan will be a judge on American Idol 2018

Harold Mmekwa: “Luke Bryan, Lionel Richie& Katy Perry 2 Be The Judges on The Reinvented #AMERICANIDOL🎶🎵🎤🎧”

YouKnowMyName: “There’s plenty of former #AmericanIdol contestants that are seasoned and successful enough to judge the reboot. Carrie. Jordin. FANTASIA.”

Joseph D Sapoznikov: “Lionel #Congrats on being named one of the #Judges on #AmericanIdol your experience and knowledge 🎶 along with Katy and Luke will be #Great”

Shila‏: “Words cannot express how disappointed I am that #AmericanIdol is going to have Luke Bryan as a judge #whyyy”

Debby Wong: “So it’s official! The #AmericanIdol judges are #LukeByan, #KatyPerry and #LionelRichie? Sounds like a good reason to watch to me! #bethere”

Heather: “@LukeBryanOnline being a judge on #AmericanIdol may be the best thing that’s ever happened to the show!”

Tracy Fettsy‏: “Judges confirmed for #AmericanIdol reboot. Announcement confirmed I won’t be watching.”

Jessica Guzman: “Oh my, Lukey, Lukey. Totally gunna tune in and watch. Especially, if this beautiful man is a judge.”

Nathan: “Finally got all 3 judges for the #AmericanIdol Revival! I like the sound of this line-up.”

Aric Cougar: “If #AmericanIdol has #KatyPerry as a judge, I will not be interested to watch it again. But I support trying @LukeBryanOnline @LionelRichie.”

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