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Watch the battle round matches we missed on The Voice


Hooray for The Voice.

Carson Daly and company finally found the upload button.

I’ve long chastised the show for not posting montaged performances online.

I mean, the cameras are obviously rolling when the montaged singers performed. To not edit and post a 90-second or 2-minute clip for the performance has always struck me as silly.

This season, for the first time, The Voice posted montaged blind auditions; there were only two — Davina Leone and Andrea Thomas.

But last week, the montaged battles weren’t posted.

This week?

Yep, they’re back. And as a bonus, The Voice also posted the battles we missed last week.

Nice job. Here they are.


Hanne Eyre advanced on Team Adam; Stephanie Brook was eliminated. I probably would have done the opposite.

Enid Ortiz advanced on Team Blake; Valerie Ponzio, who turned four chairs in the blinds, was eliminated. Enid has a couple of vocal stumbles, but certainly delivered from the heart in that performance.

Troy Ramey advanced on Team Gwen; Jozy Bernadette was eliminated. This was a tough draw for Jozy; Troy turned four chairs in the blinds, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him go deep into the live rounds.


Andrea Thomas advanced on Team Blake; Micah Tryba was eliminated.

Aaliyah Rose advanced on Team Gwen; Savannah Leighton was eliminated.

Josh West advanced on Team Adam; Nala Price was eliminated.

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