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Ashland Craft, Shi’Ann Jones head home from The Voice

Can Shi'Ann Jones escape the bottom three this week on The Voice? (NBC Photo)

Can Shi’Ann Jones escape the bottom three this week on The Voice? (NBC Photo)


It’s double jeopardy night for the contestants on The Voice.

Two singers go home, a fact which likely will have several members of the Top 10 a wee bit nervous when they take the stage tonight.

After all, Shi’Ann Jones lagged behind the pack on iTunes, but she’s done that the past two weeks only to breeze to safety on fan voting.

Adam Cunningham has landed in the bottom two the past two weeks. He landed at number 16 on iTunes today.

Between Adam and Shi’Ann on the charts — Noah Mac, Davon Fleming and Ashland Craft.

My guess is that Chloe Kohanski, Addison Agen and Red Marlow are safe based on the constant support they’ve seen from an expanding fan base.

Keisha Renee and Brooke Simpson landed bonus points for landing in the Top 10 on iTunes. But, remember, the iTunes multiplier is only five this season.

You can vote twice that often via several methods offered by The Voice.
Also remember what happened on Top 12 results night. Jon Mero finished fourth among the Top 12 on iTunes. Jon Mero wound up being the singer eliminated.

My best guess for a bottom three tonight: Adam Cunningham, Ashland Craft and Shi’Ann Jones.

Of course, whoever lands in the bottom three will sing again at the end of the show, hoping for an instant save that will land them in next week’s semifinals.

Tonight’s show starts with a performance by Portugal The Man, which, of course, has nothing to do with The Voice even if Carson Daly proclaims it a great way to start the show.

And now singers will be sent to safety.
* Brooke Simpson (Team Miley): That amazing performance of amazing grace earned her a quick trip to safety.
* Addison Agen (Team Adam): Three straight weeks in the Top 10 on iTunes. Yep, she should be safe.
* Keisha Renee (Team Blake): She came on strong last night. And I get the feeling the show wants her in the finals.
* Noah Mac (Team Jennifer): Whew! He’s the front-runner I was most concerned about since he performed third last night and his performance was overshadowed by some that followed later in the show.

How about that? The Season 13 winner will be performing in the new Voice Las Vegas show. Is that a prize? What happens is a minor like Noah Mac or Addison Agen wins? Does their family re-locate? Did The Voice think this out? Or have they already hand-picked an adult winner for Season 13?

Also advancing to the Top 8 …
* Chloe Kohanski (Team Blake): Yep, she deserved to advance as well. She’s tearing up iTunes.
* Adam Cunningham (Team Adam): Whoa! The remaining contestants just got a lot more nervous.

Danielle Bradbery time on The Voice. Savor the moment, Voice fans. She’s probably the last former contestant you’ll see performing on the show this season.

Danielle’s new album, “I Don’t Believe We’ve Met,” came out Friday and is doing very well on the charts, by the way.

And the final singer automatically saved this week is:
* Red Marlow (Team Blake): Didn’t think he’d land in the bottom three.

That leaves Shi’Ann Jones, Davon Fleming and Ashland Craft in the bottom three. Based on what’s happened to this point, I’d say fans need to save Davon.

Eliminated tonight from The Voice are Ashland Craft and Shi’Ann Jones.

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