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York County’s DaNica Shirey answers: Why Team Pharrell?


Danica Shirey York County has its first contestant on The Voice, and DaNica Shirey did it with a splash Tuesday night.

She turned three chairs with her rendition of “Big White Room.”

Not bad for a singer who said she was “very nervous” about stepping on The Voice stage and was just hoping to turn one chair with her performance.

Why Team Pharrell?

DaNica answered that question during a Wednesday afternoon conference call with the media.

“It was going through my mind to have at least somebody turn for me because I’ve been trying for such a long time (to make it in music) and haven’t been able to, unfortunately. I was just thinking I wanted someone to listen and really understand me and see something good in me.

“My dad was the one person who saw that kind of goodness in me. And I wanted someone to back me up the way my father has my whole life. i just felt that support immediately, and I could see it on Pharrell’s face — that he was very genuine and interested in me and passionate about me.

“He’s a tremendous producer and he works with all different kinds of artists and different music and different genres. I enjoy singing so many different styles of music. He told me, ‘I know what to do with your voice.’ And it was genuine. It was very confident. In my heart, I knew it was just perfect.”

In her pre-performance interview, DaNica, 25, said she had taken a hiatus from performing, partly after her dad died from cancer. The Voice website identifies him as her manager.

Check back later this week for a full interview with DaNica, who will next appear on The Voice in the battle rounds in a couple of weeks.

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