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Congrats to Kaleb Lee; shame on The Voice


Former Voice standout Kaleb Lee with Kelly Clarkson

Former Voice standout Kaleb Lee with Kelly Clarkson.

Congrats to Kaleb Lee for being selected to sing his new country single, “I Dream in Southern,” on The Voice results show Tuesday night.

And major kudos to Kelly Clarkson for singing on the song with Kaleb and for inviting him to sing one of his earlier singles on her talk show a few weeks back.

But I be remiss if I didn’t add this: Shame on The Voice for not inviting alumni back to fill the other two performance spots on Tuesday’s show.

Instead, we’ll get Toni Watson — stage name Tones & I — performing a song called “Dance Monkey.”

And we get Blake Shelton and Trace Adkins performing their hit country duet, “Hell Right.”

Because, hey, it’s not enough that the show makes the coaches household names and pays them millions of dollars per season while doing so.

The Voice mantra is that the coaches must also be given every possible opportunity to pimp their music on the show.

As for the past contestants? The Voice’s attitude sure seems to be: “Who gives a damn?”

Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows that I believe every guest performance spot should be filled by a Voice alum performing their own new music.

How did The Voice measure in that regard in Season 16?

There were 13 non-contestant performance spots. Nine when to “superstar guests.” Three went to Voice coaches.

Just two — two out of 13 — 15 percent for those who like percentages — went to former contestants.

Oddly, those two were Brynn Cartelli, fresh off a tour with Kelly; and Emily Ann Roberts, who has a management deal with members of Kelly’s family.

We haven’t seen Grammy-nominated Koryn Hawthorne back on the show? Has the show evened congratulated her on-air for that nomination?

We haven’t seem Melanie Martinez, the most successful Voice alum, who released a new album and film this fall.

We haven’t seen Alisan Porter, Chris Blue, Craig Wayne Boyd or Sundance Head.

And you’d think The Voice would feel a special debt to them since the prize record deal they received for winning the show failed to produce a record.

Instead, tonight, we’ll seen Tones & I. Plus Blake and Trace.

I plan to mute the show when their performances come on. Who knows, maybe I’ll listen to the new singles from Barrett Baber and Lauren Duski, both former Voice runners-up.

Like Kaleb Lee, they have superb new country songs out.

But you’ll probably never hear them on The Voice.

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