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Post-Voice singles released in 2017


Sundance Head, The Voice Season 11 winner, released his first two post-show singles in 2017.Once again, former contestants of The Voice have released tons of great new music.

Below, you can check out the list of singles they’re released so far this year. Follow this link and you’ll find mini-reviews of the albums and EPs released in 2017.

But these are just the ones I’m aware of. Have I missed some? I’m sure.

I mean, consider the way artists change stage names. Jacquie Lee has exorcised her last name. Ddendyl Hoyt has reclaimed her last name.

Charlotte Sometimes became LACES. Now she’s Jessica Vaughn. Andi & Alex are Queen Hilma. Brittany Kennell is now Britty.

And on and on.

So if you know of any releases I’ve missed, please comment below or email me at [email protected]. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Adley Stump (Season 2)
“Call You Mine”

Agina (Alvarez, Season 4)
“The Man You’ll Never Be”
“Up and Down”

Amy Vachal (Season 9)

Amy Whitcomb (Season 4)
“Tomorrow’s Coming”

Andrea Thomas (Season 12)

Angie Keilhauer (Season 10)
“Happily Ever After” (with Jordan Fisher)

Anthony Evans (Season 2)
“The Secret”

Anthony Paul (Season 5)
“Drawn to You”
“I Am”

Audra McLaughlin (Season 6)
“Put on Pink”
“No Never
“Love Me Like a Stranger”

Audrey Karrasch (Season 4)
“Long Way Home” (with Alex Tonsberg)
“Too Late” (with Mat Imagine)

Austin Jenckes (Season 5)
“Same Beer Different Day”

Billy Gilman (Season 11)
“Get It Got It Good”

Blind Joe (Season 9)
“Horns Up!”

Brandon Royal (Season 12)
“Getting Paid” (with Drastic)

Brendan Fletcher (Season 11)

Brian Nhira (Season 10)
“Oh, No”
“Would You Still Love Me”
“Flaws” (with Aaron Brave)

Brittany Lawrence (Season 10)
“No Summertime Fling ”

Britty (Brittany Kennell, Season 10)

Caroline Pennell (Season 5)
“9 a.m.”
“Drive Me Home”
“These Heights” (with Bassjackers & Lucas & Steve)
“Wake Up for the Night” (with Alyx Ander)

Casey Muessigmann (Season 3)
“Old CDs and Memories”

Chance Pena (Season 9)
“Roll Your Eyes”
“Standing Strong”
“Hey Lovely”
“With the Lights Out”

Chris Blue (Season 12)
“Blue Blood Blues”

Chris Crump (Season 9)
“Take Off Your Shoes”

Clarissa Serna (Season 6)
“Let Me Down Easy”

Clinton Washington (Season 8)

Corey Kent White (Season 8)
“Something to Get You Through”

The Cyberiam (Keith Semple) (Season 9)
“Cool Kids”

Darby Ann Walker (Season 11)
“Don’t Wanna Stop”

Darius Scott (Season 9)

Ddendyl Hoyt (Season 6)
“Where I Come From”

Diego Val (Season 3)

Dwight & Nicole (Nelson, Season 3)

Elia Esparza (Season 11)
“Fool’s Gold”

Ellenowen (Season 1)
“The Way I Am”

Gabby Borromeo (June 22)
“Nothing to Lose”

Grace Askew (Season 4)
“Coyote Love”

Hannah Ashbrook (Season 9)
“The Bottom”

The Janes (Kelly Crapa, Season 3)
“Nobody at This Party”

Jared Blake (Season 1)
“Don’t Let Her Be Gone”

Javier Colon (Season 1)
“The Moon and More” (with Matt Cusson)
“Clear the Air” (with Dave Koz)

Jeffery Austin (Season 9)
“Stay the Night”

Jesse Campbell (Season 2)
“Can’t Live Without Your Love”

Jesse Larson (Season 12)
“Hollywood Haze”

Jessica Childress (Season 4)
“Starting Today”

Joe Kirk (Season 7)

Johnny Gates (Season 12)
“Wish I Knew You”

Johnny Hayes and the Loveseats (Season 12)
“Slow Dance”

Johnny Rez (Season 11)
“Lifted High”
“Nothing Ever Felt Better”
“Till the End”

Jordy Searcy (Season 7)
“Dark in the City”
“Almost Friends”
“Explaining Jesus”
“There’s Nothing Holding Me Back” (with Haley Klinkhammer)

Joselyn Rivera (Season 3)

Josiah Hawley (Season 4)
“Do It for You”

J.R. Aquino (Season 3)

Jupiter Winter (Lelia Broussard, Season 3)
“The Resistance”

Karla Davis (Season 2)
“Finally Fine” (with Charles Esten)
“Wearing Me Out”

Kat Perkins (Season 6)
“Long Time Coming”
“Help Me”

Keaira LaShae (Season 5)

Kensington Moore (Season 7)
“Can’t Be Shaken”

Khaliya Kimberlie (Season 11)
“That’s How I Love”

Kim Yarbrough (Season 2)
“Born Under a Bad Sign”

Kimberly Nichole (Season 8)
“Veruca Sal”

Kota Wade (Season 9)
“Come Alive”

Kylie Rothfield (Season 11)
“Miss Me”

Lauren Duski (Season 12)
“Deja Vu”

Lauren Judd (Season 12)
“Catch You”

Luke Wade (Season 7)
“Fight for You”

Lyndsey Elm (Season 9, with Wes White)
“Safe and Sound”

Madi Davis (Season 9)
“Enter the Fire”

Maiya Sykes (Season 7)
“Back to My Love” (with Andre Le Phunk)
“Time for Love” (with DJ Francis)

Mary Sarah (Season 10)
“Without You”

Michelle Brooks-Thompson (Season 3)
“I Am Triumphant”
“Keep Praising Him”

Morgan Wallen (Season 6)
“Up Down” (with Florida Georgia Line)

Moses Stone (Season 2)
“Big City”
“Gone” (with Shwayze and Hero DeLano)
“Not the One”
“You Got It”

Natalie Stovall (Season 13)
“Wine or Whiskey”

Nick Hagelin (Season 10)
“Caught Up”
“Second Chance”
“Super Love”

Nolan Neal (Season 11)
“When She Cries”

Orlando Dixon (Season 4)

Paul Pfau (Season 8)
“I See the World”

Paulina Cerrilla (Season 3)

Paxton Ingram (Season 10)
“No Lies”

Plake (Hunter Plake, Season 12)
“Hurricane Lovers”

Queen Hilma (Andi & Alex, Season 9)
“Where Did You Go”

Red Marlow (Season 13)
“I Pray”

Regina Love (Season 9)
“Never Letting Go”

Ricky Manning (Season 7)
“LA is Lonely”

Ryan Whyte Maloney (Season 6)
“Bleeding the Dream”
“Burn” (with Linda Bimonte)

Sa’Rayah (Season 11)
“Lover Only Anthem”

Shalyah Fearing (Season 10)
“I’ll Get Over You”

Shelbie Z. (Season 5)
“Bama Proud”

Stephanie Rice (Season 12)
“Let Me Go”

Stephen Marcellus (Season 13)

Sundance Head (Season 11)
“Everything to Lose”
“How I Want to Be”

T.J. Wilkins (Season 6)
“Ice Queen”

Tay Beckham (Season 4)
“They Say”

Taylor John Williams (Season 7)
“White Summer Dress”

Tim Atlas (Season 9)

Tim Mahoney (Season 1)
“Right by My Side”

Trevin Hunte (Season 3)
“Love No More”

Troy Ramey (Season 12)
“Forever Wild”

Valerie Ponzio (Season 12)
“Love Me When You’re Lonely”

Vedo (Season 4)
“Come Over”
“He Can’t Love You”
“Let’s Get Married”
“My Boo”
“So Gone”

Viktor Kiralry (Season 9)
“Soul Fire”

Whitney Myer (Season 2)

Will Champlin (Season 5)
“Crossfire” (with Polarcode)
“Every Morning” (with Tracy Merano)
“Nobody Loves Me” (with Tracy Merano)

Xenia (Season 1)
“Postcards from Eden”

Covers released to iTunes

Adrianna Louise (Season 3), “Trouble” (Ray LaMontagne)

Alisan Porter (Season 10), “Smells Like Teen Spirit” (Nirvana)

Angie Keilhauer (Season 10) “Female” (Keith Urban)

Avery Wilson (Season 3) “Song for You” (Donny Hathaway)

Chance Pena (Season 9) “Hallelujah” (Leonard Cohen)

Chris Mann (Season 2), “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” (Whitney Houston)

Clinton Washington (Season 8 with Ryan Nealon) “How Will I Know” (Whitney Houston)

Clinton Washington (Season 8) “Make It Rain” (Ed Sheeran)

Luke Wade (Season 7) “Work Song” Hozier

Madilyn Paige (Season 6), “Look What You Made Me Do” (Taylor Swift), “Something Like This” (The Chainsmokers/Coldplay), “Beauty and the Beast,” “Tell Me What Love Is,” “In the Name of Love” (U2)

Matt McAndrew (Season 7) Friends (featuring Polarcode)

Riley Biederer (Season 10) – “Chained to the Rhythm” (Katy Perry), “Honey” (The Brink), “Hurricane” (Luke Combs), “Love on the Brain” (Rihanna), “Make Me Cry” (Noah Cyrus), “Shape of You” (Ed Sheeran), “Starving” (Hailee Steinfield, Grey), “Stay” (Zedd, Alessia Cara),

Sophia Urista (Season 11) “Tuyo” (cover from the “Narcos” soundtrack)

The Waking Hour (Angela Wolff, Season 1), “Real Love” (John Lennon)

Whitney Myer (Season 2) “Small Bump & Shape of You”

Will Champlin (Season 5, with Tiffany Alvord) “Worst in Me” (Julia Michales)

Will Champlin (Season 5) “Castle on the Hill” (Ed Sheeran)

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