Voice Views prides itself on keeping track of new music released by former contestants of The Voice. Follow the links below and you’ll find all the music I know of that has been released by former contestants since 2015. If I’ve missed someone, let me know by commenting below or emailing me at [email protected]. Also below you’ll find links to Voice Views picks for the best new music released by past contestants in 2018.

2019 post-Voice albums, EPs, singles and music videos
2018 post-Voice albums and EPs
2018 post-Voice singles
2018 post-Voice videos
2017 albums and EPs
2017 singles
2017 videos
2016 albums and EPs
2016 singles
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2015 albums and EPs
2015 singles
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BEST OF 2018


Top albums


1. Adam Wakefield, “Gods & Ghosts”
2. Jordy Searcy, “Dark in the City”
3. Jordan Smith, “Only Love”
4. 2Steel Girls, “The Real Thing”
5. Red Marlow, “Country as Cornbread”


Top songs (not ranked)


Adanna Duru, “Doll”
Amanda Brown, “Take a Pill”
Amy Vachal, “Wait”
Austin Jenckes, “In My Head”
Brian Nhira, “‘Til Death Do Us Part”


Cartelli, “Last Night’s Mascara”
Chloe Kohanski, “Come This Far”
Christiana Danielle, “Resignation”
Darby, “Save a Thought for Me”
Domo, “Currency”


D.R. King & Jackie Foster, “Love is a Drug”
Jamie Lono, “New Orleans”
Johnny Gates, “Brooklyn Nights”
Koryn Hawthorne, “Down Goes Rome”
Loren Allred, “Never Enough”


Matt McAndrew, “Game Over”
Natalie Stovall, “Making Out in Cars”
RaeLynn, “Queens Don’t”
Riley Biederer, “Heartbreak Back”
We McDonald, “Head Up High”


Top Videos


1. Faultlines (Ashley Morgan), “Rain”
2. Sawyer Fredericks, “Hide Your Ghost”
3. Darby, “Play Pretend”
4. Brian Nhira, “Is This Love?”
5. Dawson Coyle, “Saturn”

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