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2019 post-The Voice singles


Here’s a look at the singles released this year by former contestants of The Voice.

With 16 seasons in the books — and 48 artists per season — it’s likely I’ve missed someone.

That’s especially true since some contestants have shortened or changed their stage names since the show.

Holly Henry is now Mooney. I just found out a few weeks ago that Caroline Glaser is now Brother Bird.

Heck, one singer, Season 2’s Charlotte Sometimes, is now releasing music as LACES, Jessica Vaughn and Jessy Jones!

So, if you know of anyone I’ve missed, let me know by commenting below or emailing: [email protected]. The links take you to Apple Music. Happy listening.

For albums and EPs from 2019, head here. Not all the summaries there are complete yet.

Aaliyah Rose (Season 12)
“Warriors” (She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Theme Song)
“Into the Night”
“So Difficult” (with Jordan James)

Aaron Gibson (Season 11)
“Dance Floor”

Adanna Duru, formerly of American Idol and The VoiceAdanna Duru (Season 3)
“Trip” (featuring Casey Abrams)
“Imposter” (with Amir Kelly)
“Toss N Turn” (with Wildope)

Adley (Adley Stump, Season 2)
“Bacon. Eggs.”
“Brady Leave” (with Ben Schuller)

Agina (Agina Alvarez / Season 4)
“Backseat Lover”

Alara (Moushumi, Season 10)
“A Blackened Rose”

Alexandra Joyce (Season 13)

Aliyah Moulden (Season 12)
“Over It” (with Annie LeBlanc and Indiana Massara)

Amanda Ayala (Season 9)
“Lost You”

Amber Sauer (Season 14)
“All My Help”

Andrew Sevener of The Voice Season 16Andrew Severner (Season 16)
“Sorry Again”

Angel Taylor (Season 2)
“Mama Said”

Angie K (Angie Keilhauer / Season 10)
“Leave California”

Anthony Evans (Season 2)
“Fighting for Us”

Anthony Paul (Season 5)
“Talk 2 Much”
“Head in the Clouds”

Anthony Ortiz (Season 16)
“Watch My Fire”
“Bad Friends”

Aria Bleu (Kelsea Johnson, Season 14)
“On & On”

Ashland Craft (Season 13)
“They Always Do”
“Your Place or Mine’

Ashley Dubose (Season 5)

Austin Allsup
“It’s Gotta Mean Something”

Austin Giorgio (Season 14)
“Never Seen a Girl Like You”

Austin Jenckes (Season 5)
“Fat Kid” (featuring Lori McKenna)
“Never Left Memphis”
“Never Forget”

Bad Wolf (Kota Wade / Season 9)
“Shooting Star,” featuring Dre Ronayne
“Breathing Underwater”
“Love Story” (Cure cover)

Barrett Baber of The Voice Season 9Barrett Baber (Season 9)
“Wrecking This Train”
“Name It”

Beat Frequency (Season 3)
“Forget About It”

Belle Jewel (Season 11)
“Love Child”

Billy Gilman (Season 11)

Bindi Leibowitz (Season 11)

Branden Chase (Season 5)
“Focus” (with Zindee)

Brandon Brown (Season 13)

Brandon Royal (Season 12)
“Say Less”

Brandon Showell (Season 13)

Brenley Brown (Season 12)
“Keep Coming Back”

Brian Nhira (Season 10)
“Voices in My Head”
“I Am”
“Love Love”

Brian Scartocci (Season 3)
“Sweet Funky Nonsense”

Brittnee Camelle (Season 6)
“Whole Mil”

Brooke Simpson of The Voice Season 13Brooke Simpson (Season 13)
“Little Bit Crazy”
“Stick Like Honey”

Brothers Walker (Season 6)
“Who I Am”

Caeland Garner (Season 15)
“Who Needs a Small Town”
“End of Me”

Casi Joy (Season 12)
“Paper Houses”

Cathia (Season 4)
“Bet It All”

Chance Pena (Season 9)
“Falling Out” with Hood Taylor

Charity Bowden (Season 11)
“Brain Freeze”

Charlie Rey (Season 3)
“Undeniable Love”

Cherie Oakley (Season 1)
“Little Girl”
“Work It”

Chris Blue (Season 12)
“Inside Ya”
“Ooh La”

Chris Cauley (Season 2)
“Braves Baseball Anthem”

Chris Mann of The Voice Season 2Chris Mann (Season 2)
“Honestly” (featuring India.Arie)
“If You Ever Leave”
“Stop Loving You”

Christian Porter (Season 4)

Christiana Danielle (Season 14)
“Black is the Color”

Christina Grimmie (Season 6)
“Hold Your Head Up” (released posthumously)

Citizen Queen (Hannah Mrozak, Season 13)
“Best Part” (Her cover)
“Never Enough (Loren Allred cover)
“Good as Hell” (Lizzo cover)

Clinton Washington (Season 8)
“Love You Down”
“Don’t Ask Me”

Cody Belew (Season 3)
“The Choice (A Lonely Heart Makes”)

Courtnie Ramirez (Season 11)
“Perfectly Loved”

Courtney Harrell (Season 11)
“So Lost Hearted” (with Lee Dagger)

Curtis Grimes (Season 1)
“I Saw the Light”

Dana Harper (Season 11)
“Ice Cream”

Danielle Bradbery of The Voice Season 4Danielle Bradbery (Season 4)
“Shallow” (cover with Parker McCollum)
“Blackout” (from Charlie’s Angels soundtrack)

Dave Fenley (Season 15)
“Come to Think About It”
“Hold Me Hold On” (Travis Tritt cover)
“Stuck On You” (Lionel Richie cover)
“Turn the Page” (Bob Seger cover)
“Into the Mystic” (Van Morrison cover)

Davina Leone (Season 12)
“Don’t You”

Ddendyl Hoyt (Season 6)
“Come to Me”

Delaney (Delaney Silvernell, Season 15)
“Bow & Arrow”
“Do It For Me”

Deshawn Washington (Season 6)
“Your Love”

Dwight & Nicole (Nicole Nelson, Season 3)
“Wasting All My Time”

Dylan Gerard (Season 13)
“Better Man”

Elia Esparza (Season 11)
“Are You Coming Back”

Elenowen (Season 1)
“Even the Losers” (Tom Petty cover)

Emily Hough (Season 15)
“Soul Searching”

Ethan Tucker (Season 11)
“Feelin’ You”

Fousheé (Season 15)
“Late Night”
“Stay Home”

Gigi Rich from The Voice Season 7Gigi Rich (Season 7 as Gianna Salvato)
“Silver Lining”
“Don’t Give Up on Me”
“One Night”
“Guilty Pleasure”

Grace Askew (Season 4)
“First Day of Fall” (featuring Josh Maze)

Gracia Harrison (Season 5)
“Civil War”

Grant Ganzer (Season 7)
“The Other Side of the Sword”
“Back Seat Driver”

Gwen Sebastian (Season 2)
“Rock Stars”

Halle Tomlinson (Season 11)

Hannah Goebel (Season 14)
“Dancing in the Moonlight” (King Harvest cover)
“Dreams” (Fleetwood Mac cover)

Hunter Plake (Season 12)
“Fake Tattoo”
“Bleeding Out”

Jackie Foster (Season 14)
“Great Escape”

Jaclyn Lovey (Season 14)
“Just Like That”

Jacob Maxwell (Season 16)
“Power Invested in Us” (with Celia Babini, also Season 16)
“All I Want”

Jacob Poole (Season 5)

Jacquie (aka Jacquie Lee / Season 5)

Jake Wells (Season 15)
“Wanted to Love You”

Jake Worthington (Season 6)
“Don’t Think Twice”

James Dupre (Season 9)
“Another Love Song”

James McNeiese (Season 8)
“Bed I Made” (Allen Stone cover)
“Blu” (Jon Bellion cover)

Jared Blake (Season 1)
“Oak Tree”

Jaron Strom (Season 14)
“I’m a Monster”

Jason Warrior (Season 11)
“So Great”
“No One Like You”

JChosen (Season 13)
“Friday Night”

Jej Vinson (Season 16)

Jermaine Paul of The Voice Season 2Jermaine Paul (Season 2)

Jessica Childress (Season 4)
“Slow Down (for a Minute)”
“Work It”

JessLee (Season 14)
“Over Him”

Joe Kirk (Season 7)
“Loving and Losing You”
“Thing Called Love”
“1 A.M.”

Joey Green (Season 15)
“City Talk”

Jon Mero (Season 13)

Jonathas (Season 2)
“Beat Over Her Own Dream”

Jordan Kirkdorffr (Season 14)
“She Don’t”

Jordan Rager (Season 2)
“Small Town Talkin'”
“Where Have You Been All My Life”
“Dirt in My Veins”
“The Wrong Ones”

Jordy Searcy (Season 7)
“Why Can’t We Be Friends”

Jordyn Simone (Season 14)

Josiah Hawley (Season 4)
“Gonna Let You Go”

Josh Gallagher of The Voice Season 11Josh Gallagher (Season 11)
“Boots Like Mine”

Josh Hoyer (Season 12) and Soul Colossal
“The Night”

Joshua Howard (Season 6)
“Tomorrow Won’t Leave Today”

J.R. Aquino (Season 3)
“Great Escape”

Jubal Lee Young (Season 9)
“Midnight Rider”
“F**K This Guy”

Judith Hill (Season 4)

Juliet Simms, runner-up on The Voice Season 2Juliet Simms (Season 2)
“Bad Love”
“!00 Little Deaths”

Justin Johnes (Season 7)

Kaleb Lee (Season 14)
“Cooler Weather”
“I Need a Drink”
“Nothin’ on You”

Kalvin Jarvis (Season 16)
“Falling So Hard”
“Big Mood” (featuring Tommy Will)

Kameron Marlow (Season 15)
“Giving You Up”

Karlee Metzger (Season 11)
“Long Time Coming”
“Hello Hummingbird”
“You Win”
“One More Time”

Kat Perkins (Season 6)
“Where We Are” (with Chris Hawkey)
“The House That Love Built”

Kat Robichaud (Season 5)

Katherine Ho of The Voice Season 10Katherine Ho (Season 10)

Katie Basden (Season 10)
“Heaven Won’t You Come Down”

Kawan DeBose (Season 12)
“My Dearest”

Kayley Hill (Season 15)
“Story of a Hero”
“Money Tree”

Keaira LaShae (Season 5)
“Big Facts”
“Love TKO”

Keith Paluso (Season 15)
“Into the Mystic” (Van Morrison cover)
“Something Like Love”

Kelsie May (Season 8)
“Fool For You”
“Red Sunset”

Kendra Checketts (Season 16)

Kensington Moore of The Voice Season 7Kensington Moore (Season 7)
“I Don’t Like You Anymore”
“Not Ready”

Kimberly Nichole (Season 8)
“The Witch” (Sonics cover)

Kiraly Viktor (Season 9)

Kylie Rothfield (Season 10)
“Not Gonna Wait”

LACES (Charlotte Sometimes / Season 2)
“Running in Reverse” (with Chris Ayer)

Lane Mack (Season 11)
“Solid Ground”
“Moanin’ and wailin'” (feat. Steve Riley & Chubby Carrier)
“The Bar is Closed”

LAWS (Luke Wade, Season 7)
“Silver Bullets”
“Plastic Love”

Lelia Broussard (Season 3)
“Just for Kicks”

LilI Joy of The Voice Season 16LiLi Joy (Season 16)
“Colours You Can’t See”

Loren Allred (Season 3)
“I Am”

Lyndsey Elm (Season 9)
“Let Go”

MacKenzie Bourg (Season 3)

MaKenzie Thomas (Season 15)
“Something Beautiful”
“Time on You”

Madilyn Paige (Season 6)
“Happy Now” (Zedd cover)
“You Are the Reason” (Calum Scott cover) with Tanner James (Season 6)
“A Whole New World” (Aladdin cover with Yahosh and Kyle Wesley)
“I Don’t Care” (Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber cover)
“If I Can’t Have You” (Shawn Mendes cover)
“My Love Song to Me”

MarissaAnn (Season 3)
“Still Have My Heart”
“Lovin’ U”

Mark Isaiah (Season 12)
“Purpose and Plan”
“Party Anyway”

Matt McAndrew (Season 7)
“If I Was the Devil”

Matt Snook (Season 8)
“Poster Child”

Matthew Schuler (Season 5)
“Vices to Victory”

Maya Smith (Season 10)

Meg and Tyler (Meghan Linsey, Season 8)
“Mardi Gras and Rhinestones”
“Someone You Loved”

Megan Lee (Season 14)
“Me, Myself and I”
“Kill This” (Blackprint cover with Kurt Hugo Schneider)
“Despacito” (Louis Fonsi cover with Kurt Hugo Schneider)

Menlik Zergabachew (Season 7)
“Change” (with Noah Bonaiuti, Machet & Miguel a. Pena)
“Years” (featuring Tyrece Mcnaughton)

Michael Lee (Season 15)
“Love Her”

Michaela Paige (Season 3)
“Everybody Talks” (with Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox)

Mikele Buck (Season 15)
“In Came You”

Missy Robertson (Season 12)
“The Way He Sees You”

Molly Stevens (Season 14)
“In Over My Head”

Moriah Formica (Season 13)
“I Hate”
“I Don’t Care What You Think”

Morgan Wallen (Season 6)
“Cover Me Up” (Jason Isbell cover)

Moses Stone (Season 2)
“We Golden”
“Feel So Good”

Nathalie Hernandez (Season 3)
“Stuck in a Loop”

Nelly’s Echo (Season 3)
“Holly Would”
“Apology (Love Again)”
“Hallelujah, Remember My Name”
“One Day” (featuring Black Root and Kendra J.)
“The Lord’s Prayer”
“Take My Breath Away”
“Save the World”

Nobody’s Girl (Rebecca Loebe, Season 1)
“Fast Car” (Tracy Chapman cover)

Nick Hagelin (Season 10)
“Good Time” (featuring PXTN — Paxton Ingram, also from Season 10)

Nolan Neal (Season 11)
“Tiny Dancer” (Elton John cover)

Oliv Blu (Season 16)
“Slowly Drifting”

Owen Danoff (Season 10)
“Side Effects”

Patrick Thomas (Season 1)
“Drink Alone”

Paul Pfau (Season 8)

Paula DeAnda of The Voice Season 6

Paula DeAnda of The Voice Season 6

Paula DeAnda (Season 6)
“Roll It”
“Iddi Biddi”

Presley Tennant (Season 16)
“Me and You”

Pryor Baird (Season 14)
“The Kind You Write Songs About”

PXTN (Paxton Ingram / Season 10)

RaeLynn (Season 2)
“Bra Off”

RADHA (Season 15)
“Wrong Woman”

Raquel Castro (Season 1)
“Bodies” with TwoWorldsApart and Jordi Rivera
“So Much More” with ONEDUO

Ray Boudreaux (Season 5)
“Why Don’t We”

Reagan Strange (Season 15)
“Tell Me I Can’t”
“Never Alone” (cover)
“Yesterday” (cover)
“Warrior” (cover)

Riley Biederer (Season 9)
“Throw Away My Number” (featured on Jordie Ireland single)

Roxan (Morgan Frazier, Season 9)
“Waiting on a Ring”

Royce Lovett (Season 17)
“Everyday Problems”

Ryan Innes (Season 4)
“Wonderwall” (Oasis cover)
“You Are Gold”
“Trouble” (Ray LaMontagne cover)

Ryan Whyte Mahoney (Season 6)
“Hysteria” (featuring Nick Oshiro)
“I Believe in You” (feat. Kylee Skye Lynn)
“I Am the One”
“Love is Disaster”
“I Promise You” (feat. Mykel Valentine)
“Dreaming with a Broken Heart”

Sam James (Season 3)

Sammie Zonana (Season 13)
“Gorgeous Greens”

Sandy Redd (Season 15)

Sawyer Fredericks of The Voice Season 8Sawyer Fredericks (Season 8)
“Turning the Shoulder”
“Flowers for You”

The Shades (Andrew DeMuro, Season 11)
“Great Escape”
“Love Me or Let Me Be”

Shalyah Fearing (Season 10)

Sheffield (Jamie Lono, Season 2)
“Bottle You Up”
“Forever from Now”

Shilo Gold (Season 13)
“Lone Wolves”
“Teach Me” (with So Wylie)
Simple (with So Wylie)

Matt McAndrew of The Voice Season 7Slaves (Matt McAndrew)

Sophia Urista (Season 11)
“Queen of the Road”
“My Own Summer” (with Brass Against, Deftones cover)
“Arms of Love”
“Forty Six & 2” (Tool cover with Brass Against)

Stephanie Rice (Season 12)
“Coming Down”

Sugar Joans (Season 7)
“Small Talk”

Suzanna Choffel (Season 3)
“Song for the Lost Mamas”

Swon Brothers (Season 4)
“This Town”
“Travelin’ On” (feat. Vince Gill)

Tamar Davis (Season 10)
“Eye Got That Juice”

Taylor John Wiliams (Season 7)

Taylor Phelan (Season 7)
“Where Do We Go?”

Terisa Griffin (Season 3)
“Magic (Spell on Me)” (featured vocal on House single by Tom Glide)
“Oh Me, Oh My”

Tim Atlas (Season 9)
“Hold Up”

Todd Kessler (Season 3)
“Good as Gold”

Tony Lucca of The Voice Season 2Tony Lucca (Season 2)
“Restless Heart”
“Right Here”

TriOrca (Whitney Myer, Season 2)
“Late Night”
“The Stroll”

Troy Ramey (Season 12)
“Beyond” (Leon Bridges cover)

TSoul (Season 12)

Tyke James (Season 15)
“Ring of Fire” (cover with Georgia James)
“Celebrate” (with the moss)
“Salt Lake City Girl” (with the moss)


Valerie Ponzio (Season 12)
“I Could Fall in Love”

Vanessa Ferguson (Season 13)
“Can’t Let You”

Vedo (Season 4)
Shot Clock

Viktor Kiraly (Season 9)
“Bye Bye Baby”

We McDonald of The Voice Season 11Wé McDonald (Season 11)
“Love Overtime”
“Broken Wings”
“If I Didn’t Love You”

Whitney Fenimore (Season 13)
“Find Your Love”
“Feel It Too”

Whitney Myer (Season 2)
“Click Ya Heelz”

Wilkes (Season 14)
“I Wanna Leave You”
“Weight of a Girl”
“Not Like That”

Will Champlin (Season 5)
“Part-Time Lover” (Stevie Wonder cover)

Wolfchild (Gabriel Wolfchild, Season 8)
“New York”

Xenia (Season 1)

Zach Seabaugh (Season 9)
“Lonely Like That”

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  1. MJD February 26, 2019 at 1:58 am -  Reply

    You completely missed Barrett Baber, who has been releasing new music since last year yet he’s not present in any of your write-ups. He has a new live album up for pre-order and arriving on the 1st of March, and his next original album is slated for release this year.

    • Mark Franklin February 26, 2019 at 2:18 am -  Reply

      Thanks for the heads up!

  2. emh26 May 1, 2019 at 3:21 pm -  Reply

    Emily Hough of season 15 released an EP called “Glass” in April 2019!!

  3. Just A Kid January 3, 2020 at 12:30 am -  Reply

    You missed:
    “I Dreamed In Southern” – Kaleb Lee (ft. Kelly Clarkson)
    “Senorita” – Chris Rupp (ft. Michaela Paige)
    “Meine Melodie” – Mac Dam (ft. Xenia)
    “These Hands” – Renita Martin (ft. Frenchie Davis, Nitanju Bolade Casel)
    “What If’s” – Anchored Hearts (ft. Ryan Whyte Maloney)
    “Bitches” – Ali Sekkat (ft. Ryan Whyte Maloney, Kylee Skye Lynn)
    Come back later for more.

    • Just A Kid January 3, 2020 at 12:49 am -  Reply

      “One Hell of a Night” – Russell Vandiver (ft. Adam Cunningham)

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