My name is Mark Franklin. 

I’ve been blogging about singing shows since American Idol Season 7.

In that time, I’ve watched Idol peak and wane in popularity. I’ve cheered the demise of Simon Cowell’s over-hyped and overblown The X Factor. I’ve tried to watch The Four on FOX and have never made it through an entire episode of Diddy’s disaster of a singing show. I hope I never have to try again.

Along the way, I became a big fan of The Voice (or at least artists on The Voice), with which NBC did what was once unthinkable — replacing Idol as the most entertaining singing show on TV.

And then producers did the unthinkable all over again, mucking the show up with so many gimmicks and mangling the format so badly that a resurgent Idol on ABC has regained that distinction. If you want to hear up-and-coming artists perform. Idol is again the show to watch.

Keep checking back and you’ll find live blogs when the shows air, predictions between shows and photo galleries.

I’ll also try my best to keep you posted on what former contestants are up to. But with 16 seasons of Idol and 15 seasons of The Voice in the books, there are a lot of them. So if I miss a new music release, don’t hesitate to give me a nudge.

You also can follow along on social media — here for American Idol: Twitter and Facebook; and here for The Voice — Twitter and Facebook.

And, please, if you disagree with anything you read … or, heck, even if you agree, feel free to comment. The more comments the better.

Hope you enjoy Idol Chatter / Voice Views. Feel free to email me at [email protected].

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