Below is a list of singles released by former American Idol finalists in 2016.

Now, I have only listed stand-alone songs and tracks from albums that haven’t been released yet. In other words, if a single was released from an album or EP, you’ll find that mention on the 2016 Idol albums and EPs page.

I’ve also listed tracks by Idol finalists from multi-artist soundtracks.

It’s entirely possible that I’ve missed some singles, especially since some of the finalists have changed their stage names since Idol or joined/formed a band.

If so, please let me know by emailing me at [email protected] or by commenting below.

For 2016 albums and EPs, head here. For 2016 music videos, head here.

Lambert (2nd, Season 9) — “Broken”
(featured vocalist on EDM track by Tritonal and Jenaux)
Adana Duru (10th, Season 14) — “Seal It with a Kiss”
Andrew Garcia (9th, Season 9) — “Too Fast”
Anthony Federov (4th, Season 4) — “Breaking Free”
Caleb Johnson (1st, Season 13) — “Hanging with the Band”
Caleb Johnson (1st, Season 13) — “Holding On”
Chris Daughtry (4th, Season 5) — “Bring Me to Life”
(from “The Passion: New Orleans” TV soundtrack)
Constantine Maroulis (Top 6, Season 4) — “Here I Come”
Maroulis (Top 6, Season 4) — “She’s Just Rock and Roll”
Daniel Seavey (9th, Season 14) — “Secret Love Song” cover with Lovey James
Danny Gokey (3rd, Season 8) — “Rise” from upcoming album of same name (due Jan. 13)
Danny Gokey (3rd, Season 8) — “If You Ain’t In It” from “Rise” album (due Jan. 13)
Danny Gokey (3rd, Season 8) — “Better Than I Found It” from “Rise” album (due Jan. 13)
David Archuleta (2nd, Season 7) — “Numb”
David Archuleta (2nd, Season 7) — “My Little Prayer”
David Hernandez (12th, Season 7) — “Beautiful”
Murray (12, Season 8) — “Rest of My Life”
(from “God’s Not Dead 2” soundtrack)
Jax (3rd, Season 14) — “La La Land” *
Jax (3rd, Season 14) — “Stars” from upcoming EP “Funny” (due Jan. 27, 2017)
Jax (3rd, Season 14) — “Kickin’ and Screamin’) from the upcoming EP “Funny”
Jennifer Hudson (7th, Season 3) — “To Beautiful for Words,” “Push Da Button,” “The Color Purple,” “What About Love” (with Cynthia Erivo) from “The Color Purple” Broadway cast recording
Jennifer Hudson (7th, Season 3) — “Big Blonde and Beautiful,” “I Know Where I’ve Been” and “Come So Far” (with Ariana Grande) from “Hairspray Live!” TV soundtrack
Meuse (4th, Season 13) — “Rio Grande”
Jessica Sanchez (2nd, Season 11) — “Call Me”
Jessica Sanchez (2nd, Season 11) — “Stronger Together”
Joshua Ledet (3rd, Season 11) — “Trust Me I Lie” *
Karen Rodriguez (12th, Season 10) — “One Dance”
Karen Rodriguez (12th, Season 10) — “Reinas”
Kelly Clarkson (1st, Season 1) — “Piece by Piece” (Idol version)
Kelly Clarkson (1st, Season 1) — “It’s Quiet Uptown” (from “The Hamilton Mixtape”)
Locke (3rd, Season 2) — “Dangerous Woman”
La’Porsha Renae (2nd, Season 15) — “Battles”
La’Porsha Renae (2nd, Season 15) — “Good Woman”
Lazaro Arbos (6th, Season 12) — “I Want More”
Lee DeWyze (1st, Season 9) — “Weight”
MacKenzie Bourg (4th, Season 15) — “Roses”
MacKenzie Bourg (4th, Season 15) — “Little Moon”
Nadia Turner (8th, Season 4) — “I Gotta Believe”
Paul McDonald (8th, Season 10) — “I Hate Love” *
McDonald (8th, Season 10) — “Over”
Pia Toscano (9th, Season 10) — “Siren” (EDM track by Victone)
Rayvon Owen (5th, Season 14) — “Tempo”
Rayvon Owen (5th, Season 14) — “Can’t Fight It”
Sam Woolf (5th, Season 13) — “Stop Thinking About It”
Shannon Magrane (11, Season 11) — “”YMKG Theme Song”
Siobhan Magnus (6th, Season 9) — “Siobhan in Shoals — Breakfast in Bed”
Sonika Vaid (5th, Season 15) — “Smoke from Distant Fires” (with Will Jay)
Trent Harmon (1st, Season 15) — “There’s a Girl”

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