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A quizz: What’s missing from The Voice Season 13?


Quizz Swanigan performs on The Voice Season 12. (NBC Photo)

Quizz Swanigan performs on The Voice Season 12. (NBC Photo)

Here’s a quick quizz: What’s missing from Season 13 of The Voice?

Hint number one: Quizz Swanigan.

Hint number two: Aaliyah Rose.

Still don’t have the answer?

Here’s another hint: It has everything to do with the number 13.

The answer: There isn’t a single 13-year-old among the Season 13 cast. Nor 14-year-old, for that matter.

Season 12 marked the first time The Voice lowered its audition age limit to 13. Quizz and Aaliyah wound up being the first contestants to make the show who were just 13 when they auditioned.

Both proved they were extremely talented for their age. Both also proved not quite ready to go up against contestants who had been performing longer than they’d been alive.

Yet Quizz was inexplicably awarded a battle round victory over Felicia Temple. Yet Blake Shelton swooped in and used his only knockout round steal on Aaliyah when there were far more deserving contestants.

It’s almost as if there was an edict from The Voice production team — and I’d be willing to bet there was — that went something like this: The 13-year-olds will make the live playoffs, one way or another.

Fortunately, viewers proved more discerning when voting for finalists. Quizz and Aaliyah failed to make that cut.

Personally, I think the decision to lower the audition age to 13 was ridiculous for a show that actively recruits experienced auditioners.

But, if the show is going to welcome 13-year-old as contestants, then those 13-year-olds should have to out-perform their more experience colleagues to advance on the show.

Quizz was asked why he thought he was so successful on the show during a conference call with the media last spring. In a moment of uncommon candor, he admitted it was probably due to his age.

Shi'Ann Jones is the youngest of the Season 13 cast members on The Voice. (NBC Photo)

Shi’Ann Jones is the youngest of the Season 13 cast members on The Voice. (NBC Photo)

As for Season 13, the youngest cast member is Shi’Ann (pronounced Cheyenne) Jones of Team Jennifer, who was very impressive in her blind audition.

Just six Season 13 cast members were minors when they auditioned. That compares to 12 in Season 12 and 11 in Season 10.

The other minors among this season are Alexandra Joyce of Team Jennifer, Moriah Formica and Addison Agen of Team Miley, Anthony Alexander of Team Adam and Noah Mac of Team Blake.

Keep at eye on Addison, Noah and Moriah. I wouldn’t be surprised if all three advance deep into the competition. And with no special consideration for their age.

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