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Noah Mac, Keisha Renee, Red Marlow among The Voice social media leaders


Keisha Renee performs during the playoffs on The Voice (NBC Photo)

Keisha Renee performs during the playoffs on The Voice (NBC Photo)

So who’s the social media king or queen on The Voice?

No one individual, really. In fact, a different contestant leads the Top 12 in social media support on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

That said, Noah Mac has to life what he’s seeing. An unknown before Season 13, he’s watched his Instagram following swell to more than 42,000 — 8,500 more than his nearest competitor in the Top 12.

He also ranks second on the show in Twitter followers and in the top five in Facebook fans.

Keisha Renee is the only contestant close to Noah in Instagram support. She also leads all contestants in Twitter followers by a wide margin.

Some of Keisha’s support comes from her pre-Voice days when she was a background singer for Nicki Minaj and others.

The same can be said for country music veteran Red Marlow. Still, he has an edge of more than 3,000 fans over Ashland Craft, second in terms of Facebook support. And, judging from the tweets I’ve seen, Red has a very active fan base.

What do all the numbers mean?

Well, last year’s social media leaders included Lauren Duski, who finished second; and TSoul, who made the Top 8. Season 12 champ Chris Blue started the finals in the middle of the pack in terms of social media support.

Here’s where everyone stood on social media as of 7 p.m. Friday. Clicking on the links will take you to those social media pages.


Noah Mac — 42,100

Keisha Renee — 33,600

Addison Agen — 16,000

Brooke Simpson — 13,300

Davon Fleming — 11,500

Chloe Kohanski: 10,900

Ashland Craft — 10,000

Jon Mero — 7,176

Janice Freeman — 6,242

Red Marlow — 4,194

Shi’Ann Jones: 2,832

Adam Cunningham — 2,564


Keisha Renee: @keisharenee — 13,000

Noah Mac: @noah_mac — 7,587

Addison Agen: @AddisonAgen — 4,283

Brooke Simpson: @brookesimpson — 4,200

Jon Mero: @jonmero — 3,929

Chloe Kohanski: @ChloeKohanski — 3,455

Davon Fleming: @DavonFleming — 2,396

Ashland Craft — 2,711

Red Marlow: @redmarlow — 2,086

Janice Freeman: @janice_freeman — 1,739

Adam Cunningham: @adam_cunningham — 1,389

Shi’Ann Jones: @shiannjones — 1,291


Red Marlow — 19,443

Ashland Craft — 15,831

Brooke Simpson — 13,957

Davon Fleming — 10,378

Noah Mac — 9,918

Addison Agen — 8,969

Jon Mero — 8,252

Keisha Renee — 6,185

Chloe Kohanski — 4,862

Janice Freeman — 4,731

Adam Cunningham — 3,602

Shi’Ann Jones — 1,688

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