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Meet Mikayla Paige of American Idol Season 22


Mikayla Paige of American Idol Season 22

Mikayla Paige of American Idol Season 22

Mikayla Paige Ochs is among the artists rumored to have earned a golden ticket on American Idol season 22.

Idol returns to ABC on Sunday, Feb. 18 with the coaching trio of Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan back intact.

Here’s more about Mikayla.

* She’s a Utah-based country music singer-songwriter, performing under the name Mikayla Paige.

* Her first single dropped in June. It’s a catchy duet with fellow country artist Daniel Beddoes called “Those Boots.” Check it out below.

* Mikayla is also a featured vocalist on another Beddoes’ single, “Bulletproof,” released in April 2022.

* In November 2022, Mikayla posted some behind the scenes footage from the video shoot for that song, writing: “I can check ‘filmed a music video’ off of my bucket list now. Thanks, Bulletproof for being the best song baby ever.”

* Mikayla has been enjoying lots of firsts as a musician over the past couple of years. She performed her first festival, Rocky Mountain Bootstock, last March.

* Her reaction to the experience: “From not having a clue why anyone would take a chance on me performing at their music festival, to understanding why when walking off of that stage. I cannot thank my people enough for showing up for me — the ones who believed in me and pushed me to do this … and the ones that put aside their Friday night to come out (even from Cali – mwah love you family). Safe to say fun was had. Can we do this again soon??”

* And then there’s Idol. Mikayla announced that to fans in mid-December with a series of photos from the audition room and a simple message: “So I did a crazy thing and auditioned for @americanidol.”

Mikayla on social media:

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