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Jordy Searcy: “Dark in the City”


Jordy Searcy from The Voice Season 7 released the superb Dark in the City in 2018

Jordy Searcy from The Voice Season 7 released the superb Dark in the City in 2018.

Jordy Searcy found the singer-songwriter sweet spot when he released “Dark in the City” back in February.

The seven-track album includes six songs the Season 7 contestant wrote, plus a spoken word piece, “Colorblind Christianity” by Dajanae Cole.

And while the songs are a treat to the ears, they’re even more powerful because Jordy doesn’t shy away from weighty topics. Like religious hypocrisy (“Explaining Jesus”), racism (“Rosalyn”) and the challenges of teen pregnancy (“Jenny”).

In an interview with Music Mermaid, Jordy explained the recipe for “Dark in the City” — write tons of songs, then record the ones with which he forms the strongest emotional connection.

“I remember two or three years ago realizing, ‘Wait a second — what if I wrote about whatever I wanted to?'” he told the site.

“It was a really important realization for me because I just started taking the things I was passionate about in everyday life and putting them down. I’ve really seen my songwriting grow from something I did to impress people into something I do as an overflow of who I am, the good and the bad.”

When Jordy auditioned for The Voice at age 20, he’d already released an EP and album. “Dark in the City” was preceded by a second EP, “Seasons” in 2015.

Jordy’s also releasing music with friend Stephen Day — two singles so far — as The Tuesday Crew.

Here are some highlights from “Dark in the City.”

Editor’s Note: By my count, former contestants from The Voice released more than 70 albums or EPs, more than 90 music videos and more than 800 original songs in 2018.

This week, I’m featuring my favorites, spotlighting what I’m calling the Top 5 music videos, Top 20 songs and Top 5 albums/EPs.

I hesitate to call them the best because that’s very subjective. Besides, I easily could have made each of these lists five times as long and still omitted lots and lots of great music.

That’s why I grit my teeth when Marshmellow or Ann-Marie or even a coach or advisor winds up with a guest performance spot on The Voice. I’ll never understand why the show doesn’t do more to promote its alumni.

Ah, but this isn’t a time for griping. It’s time to celebrate the accomplishments of talented artists.

I’ve also posted a complete list of post-Voice singles, albums and EPs, with links for your listening pleasure. And a blog with all 90-plus music videos. Please, check them out. Find your own favorites.

And if I’ve missed anyone, let me know. Stage names change. Side projects are created. Tracking the output of 600 post-Voice artists … well, I’ll be shocked if I didn’t miss someone. Just let me know by commenting below or emailing [email protected]. In terms of singles, my goal is to list any where the former contestant is the primary vocalist.

Coming tomorrow: The Top 5 post-Voice albums of 2018.

Happy listening.

Top albums

1. Adam Wakefield, “Gods & Ghosts”
2. Jordy Searcy, “Dark in the City”
3. Jordan Smith, “Only Love”
4. 2Steel Girls, “The Real Thing”
5. Red Marlow, “Country as Cornbread”

Top songs (not ranked)

Adanna Duru, “Doll”
Amanda Brown, “Take a Pill”
Amy Vachal, “Wait”
Austin Jenckes, “In My Head”
Brian Nhira, “‘Til Death Do Us Part”

Cartelli, “Last Night’s Mascara”
Chloe Kohanski, “Come This Far”
Christiana Danielle, “Resignation”
Darby, “Save a Thought for Me”
Domo, “Currency”

D.R. King & Jackie Foster, “Love is a Drug”
Jamie Lono, “New Orleans”
Johnny Gates, “Brooklyn Nights”
Koryn Hawthorne, “Down Goes Rome”
Loren Allred, “Never Enough”

Matt McAndrew, “Game Over”
Natalie Stovall, “Making Out in Cars”
RaeLynn, “Queens Don’t”
Riley Biederer, “Heartbreak Back”
We McDonald, “Head Up High”

Top Videos

1. Faultlines (Ashley Morgan), “Rain”
2. Sawyer Fredericks, “Hide Your Ghost”
3. Darby, “Play Pretend”
4. Brian Nhira, “Is This Love?”
5. Dawson Coyle, “Saturn”

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