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After The Voice: 2018 singles from former contestants


Here’s a look at the singles released by former contestants of The Voice so far in 2018.

If I’ve missed anyone, please let me know by emailing [email protected] or by commenting below.

There are now more than 500 past contestants of the show, so keeping up with everyone … well, it’s easy to miss a few releases … so any help to make this as complete as possible will be greatly appreciated.

Links below take you to the release on iTunes or Apple Music. Happy listening!

Aaron Gibson of The Voice Season 11Aaron Gibson (Season 11)
“All the Little Things”

Adley (Adley Stump, Season 2)
“I’m Her”
“Love Lies” (cover, with Sammy Arriaga)
“What If I Stay”

Agina (Agina Alvarez / Season 4)
“Best of Me”
“Birds and the Bees”

Ali Caldwell (Season 11)
“To Be Loved”
“Beautiful Northern Star” (with Milo Suchomel orchestra)

Alisan Porter, Season 10 winner of The VoiceAlisan Porter (Season 10)
“This is Us”

Aliyah Moulden (Season 12)

Amanda Lee Peers (Season 5)
“Blood on the Strings”

Amy Vachal (Season 9)
“Field Sense” (featuring Kiyo Cato)

Anthony Evans (Season 2)
“Reckless Love”

Anthony Paul (Season 5)
“Hello Love”

Ashland Craft from The Voice Season 13Ashland Craft (Season 13)
“In Between”
“Kiss Me When You’re Sober”

Ashley DuBose (Season 5)
“Back to Reality”

Audra McLaughlin (Season 6)
“We Ain’t Missing Nothin'”
“Leaving the Light On”

Austin Giorgio (Season 14)
“Love in Autumn”
“Photograph Underwater”
“Love Yourself”
“My Funny Valentine”

Austin Jenckes of The Voice Season 5Austin Jenckes (Season 5)
“Ride Away”
“Home for the Summer”
“In My Head”

Autumn Turner (Season 12)
“Grapes on the Vine” (with Big Osh)

Bad Wolf (Kota Wade / Season 9)
“Through the Cracks”

Barrett Baber (Season 9)
“Fight On”

Belle Jewell (Season 11)
“How I” (with Sirken)

Bindi Liebowitz of The Voice Season 11Bindi Liebowitz (Season 11)
“Over You”

Blaze Johnson Jr. (Season 8)
“Know You”
“Made for Me”

Brandon Chase (Season 5)
“Young As We’ll Ever Be”
“Without Me”
“Dilemma” (with Taylor Manns) (Nelly cover)

Branson Ireland (Season 14)
“Hell On Me”

Brian Nhira of The Voice Season 10Brian Nhira (Season 10)
“Is This Love?”
“Get Up”
“Til Death Do Us Part”

Brian Scartocci (Season 3)
“Just Peachy”
“Days of Glory”

Britty (Brittany Kennell, Season 10)
“State of Wonder”
“Lovers Get Bored”

Brooke Simpson (Season 13)
“2 a.m.”

Caroline GlaserCaroline Glaser (Season 4)
“Leave It Alone”

Caroline Pennell (Season 5)
“Blue” (with West Coast Massive)

Cassadee Pope (Season 3)
“Take You Home”
“One More Red Light”

Casi Joy (Season 13)
“I Do”

Cathia (Season 4)
“No Me Conoces”
“Como Amigo”

Chance Pena (Season 9)
“Bad Days”
“Sun Goes Down”
“Blame It on the Drugs”
“Pursuit of Happiness”

Chloe Kohanski (Season 13)
“Come This Far”

Chris Jamison (Season 7)
“Faith Hope Love”

Chris Mann (Season 2)
“Say Something” (cover, featuring Shoshana Bean & Orchid Quartet)

Christian Cuevas (Season 11)
“White Flag”

Christiana Danielle (Season 14)

Christina GrimmieChristina Grimmie (Season 6)
“Little Girl” (posthumous release by family)
“I Will Always Love You” (cover, posthumous release by family)
“My Buddy”

Citizen Queen (Hannah Mrozak (Season 13)
“Lost in Japan”
“No Tears Left to Cry”

Clinton Washington (Season 8)
“Black and Blue”

Danielle Bradbery (Season 4)
“Goodbye Summer” (featuring Thomas Rhett)
“Slow Burn”

Dave Crosby (Season 13)
“A Million Dreams” (with daughter Claire Ryann Crosby)

Diego Val (Season 3)
“Tu y Yo” (with Gregory Trejo & Bravvo)

Dominique Rosario, aka DomoDomo (Season 3)
“Love Come Down”

DR King (Season 14)
“Love Is a Drug” (featuring Jackie Foster, Season 14)

Drew Cole (Season 14)
“Sour Love”

Dylan Hartigan Project (Season 14)
“Same Ole Jane Doe”
“Mary Made Me”
“Happy Ever After”
“Some Dogs”

E.G. Daily (Season 5)
“So Pretty”
“He’s Impeachable” (with Tara Strong)

Elenowen (Season 1)
“Hiding Place”
“You’ll Never Know”
“Deep in the Night”
“Age of the Heart”

Emily Ann Roberts of The Voice Season 9Emily Ann Roberts (Season 9)
“Stuck on Me + You”
I’ve Got Forever

Erin Willett (Season 2)
“Hope’s Alive”
“Try” (with Dulsae)

Faultines (Ashley Morgan, Season 8)
“Love is All We Own”

Gaby Borromeo (Season 12)

Gina Zo (Gina Castanzo / Season 10)

Gwen Sebastian (Season 2)
“Drunk or Stoned”

Hailey Steele from Season 2 of The Voice.Hailey Steele (Season 2 as part of The Line)

Hanna Ashbrook (Season 9)

Hanna Eyre (Season 12)

Hannah Goebel (Season 14)
“Talk to Me”
“Where’s a Man When You Need One”
“Once” (Maren Morris cover)
“Red House” (Jimi Hendrix cover)

Hannah Mrozak (Season 13)
“My Way”

Holly Tucker of The Voice Season 4Holly Tucker (Season 4)
“The Finer Things”
“Welcome to Waco”
Cover singles: “Cry Pretty,” “Write This Down,” “Amazing Grace,” “Strawberry Wine,” “Amazing Grace,” “Interstate,” “Help Me Make it Through the Night,” “Save Our Soul,” “Tennessee Whiskey,” “I Will Always Love You,” “Watermelon Crawl.”

Ignatious Carmouche (Season 13)
“This Thing We Call Love”

India Carney (Season 8)
“Ain’t No Sunshine” (cover)
“A Natural Woman” (cover with Kurt Hugo Schneider)

JChosen (Season 11)
“You Da One”
“Blown Away”

J'Sun of The Voice Season 4J’Sun (Season 4)
“Missing Piece”

J.R. Aquino (Season 3)
“Blessed” (Daniel Caesar cover)
“The Way You Love Me”

Jackie Foster & Self Portraits (Season 14)

Jackie Verna (Season 14)
“Forever Soulmate”

Jaclyn Lovey (Season 14)

Jacquie Lee, runner-up on The Voice Season 5Jacquie (Lee) (Season 5)
“I Won’t Break”

Jake Wells (Season 15)
“The Other Side”

Jamar Rogers (Season 2)
“These Issues”

Jamella (Season 14)
“Love N Hate”

James Dupree (Season 9)
“Hurt Good”

Jared Blake (Season 1)
“Oak Tree”

Jared Harder (Season 10)
“Closer” (featuring Mary Sarah from Season 10)
“Heaven Knows”
“She Even Makes Leavin’ Look Good”

Jaron Strom (Season 14)
“I Love You More”

Jason Warrior, former The Voice contestant, on The Four.Jason Warrior (Season 11)
“Walking with You”

JessLee (Season 14)

Joey Green (Season 15)
“Thing Called Love” (cover)
Baba O’Riley

Johnny Gates (Season 12)
“Wish I Knew You”
“Brooklyn Nights”

Johnny Rez (Season 11)
“Lost in Your Love”

Jon Mero (Season 13)
“Hey Marjorie”

Jonathan Hutcherson (Season 10)

Jordan Kirkdorffer (Season 14)
“This Ain’t My Grave”

Jordan Rager from The Voice Season 2Jordan Rager (Season 2)
“Georgia Boy”
“One of the Good Ones”

Jordy Searcy (Season 7)
“Just Like Autumn” with The Tuesday Crew & Carly Bannister

Josh Gallagher (Season 11)
“How Bout You”
“Run the Radio”

Josh Halverson (Season 11)
“Love Games”

Josh Hoyer & Soul Colossal (Season 12)
“Do It Now”
“Love Song”

J.R. Aquino (Season 3)
“Beautiful Struggle”
“The Way You Love Me”
“Run It Back”

Jubal Lee Young (Season 9)
“Mean Street”

Judith Hill of The Voice Season 4Judith Hill (Season 4)
“On the Rocks”

Juliet Simms (Season 2)
“Take Me”

Justin Johnes (Season 7)

Karina Inglesias (Season 4)
“You Make Me Happy”

Kat Perkins (Season 5)
“You Are Not Alone”

Kat Robichaud (Season 5)
“What an Excellent Day for an Exorcism”

Katrina Cain of The Voice Season 15Katrina Cain (Season 15)
“Slow Tragedy”

Kayley Hill (Season 15)
“Just Thought That You Should Know”
“Gold Dust Woman” (Fleetwood Mac cover)

Keaira LaShae (Season 5)
“Play the Side”

Kelsie May (Season 8)

Kota Wade (Season 9)
“Spooky” (Classics IV cover)

Kristen Merlin (Season 6)
“Don’t Call It a Comeback”

Kyla Jade (Season 14)
“Make Up Your Mind”
“Day Dreaming”

Kylie Rothfield (Season 10)

Laces (Season 2 as Charlotte Sometimes)
“someday is not tonight”

Lane Mack (Season 11)
“It Must’ve Been Rain” (featuring Julie Williams)

Lauren Duski (Season 12)
“Heart Hurt Good”
“Costume Party”

Lauryn Judd (Season 12)

Lilli & The Honey (Lilli Passero, Season 12)
“Did Ya Know”

Loren Allred (Season 3)
“Never Enough” (from “The Greatest Showman” soundtrack)

Luke Wade (Season 7)
“Give It All To You”

Madi Davis (Season 9)
“Ann’s Song”

Madilyn Paige (Season 6)
The Skye Boat Song (Outlander theme)
“The Middle” (Zedd cover)
“Beautiful” (Huntar cover)
“Whatever It Takes” (with Kyle Wesley) (Imagine Dragons cover)
“The Greatest Showman Medley” (with Tanner James)

Maharasyi (Season 13)

MacKenzie Bourg (Season 3)

Malik Davage (Season 12)

Manny Cabo (Season 9)
“Hate Has No Home Here” (with Bonnie Warren)
“Wear Your Words”

Mary Sarah (Season 10)
“Just Go With It.”

Matt McAndrew (Season 7)
“Game Over”
“In My Blood” (featuring Polacode) (Shawn Mendes cover)

Megan Lee (Season 14)
“DNA” (with Kurt Hugo Schneider) (BTS cover)
“Blood, Sweat and Tears” (with Kurt Hugo Schneider and Yoandri)(BTS cover)
“Fake Love” (with Kurt Hugo Schneider and Sam Tsui) (BTS cover)
“Ddu-Du Ddu-Du (with Kurt Hugo Schneider) (BlackPink cover)

Megan Rose (Season 13)
“Too Hard”
“Wild Frontier”

Meghan Linsey (Season 8)
“She Used to Be Mine” (live) (Sara Bareilles cover)

Menlik Zergabachew (Season 7)
“Gorilla Glue”
“Years” (featuring Tyrece Mcnaughton)
“Reminisce” (feating Webby)

Mia Zanotti (Mia Z.. Season 8)
“Tell Nobody”
“Drive” (Cars cover)

Michael Kight (Season 13)
“Keep Talking”

Michael Lynch (Season 5)
“Only One to Blame”

Missy Robertson (Season 12)
“Be Brave”
“One of a Kind”

Mitchell Lee (Season 13)
“Already Gone”

Mooney (Holly Henry, Season 5)

Moriah Formica (Season 13)
“I Will”
“Here’s My Heart”

Moses Stone (Season 2)

Nakia (Season 1)
“Whipping Post” (Allman Brothers cover)

Natalie Stovall (Season 13)
“Making Out in Cars”
“Can’t Love You No More”

Nicholas David (Season 3)
“House of Fun”

Nick Hagelin (Season 10)
“Hourglass” (with Adam Wakefield)

Noah Mac (Season 13)
Please Don’t Pull Me Over
“The Soliloquy”
“Nobody But Us”
“Out of Breathe”
“Eyes for Us”

Paxton Ingram (Season 10)
“Bad Luck”

Plake (Hunter Plake, Season 12)
“Cold Vibes”
“Morning Glow”
“Out of My Mind”

R. Anthony (Season 5)
“Celebrate Love”

Raelynn (Season 2)
“Queens Don’t”

Rebecca Loebe (Season 1)

Ricky Manning (Season 7)

Riley Beiderer (Season 9)
“Too Good at Goodbyes” (Sam Smith cover)
“Havana” (Camila Cabello cover)
“I Fall Apart” (with Brandi Rose) (Post Malone cover)
“Dreams” (Fleetwood Mac cover)
“Helas” by Tomoth (featuring Riley Biederer and Hodgy Beats)
“Heartbreak Back” by Frank Walker (featuring Riley Biederer)

Riley Elmore (Season 11)
“For Nothing”

Ryan Innes (Season 4)
“I Need a Lover”

Ryan Quinn (Season 10)
“Say Something” (featuring Loren Gold)

Ryan Scripps (Season 13)

Ryan Whyte Maloney (Season 6)
“I Can’t Wait Til I’m 21”
“A Real Hero” (featuring Cali Tucker, Season 6)
“Adrift Among the Stars: 432 Hz Insomnia”
“Heaven” (Bryan Adams cover)
“Love Song”

Sarah Grace and The Soul (Season 15)
“What I Came From”

Sarah Simmons (Season 4)
“Mended Pieces”
“Safe and Wild”

Savannah Leighton (Season 12)
“Nobody Does It Like You”

Sawyer Fredericks (Season 8)
“Any of My Trouble”
“Silent World”

Sheena Brook (Season 12)
“Salt on the Rim”

Shi’Ann Jones (Season 13)
“I’m a Lady”

Shilo Gold (Season 13)
“Not Enough”
“Never Mine”
“Doin’ It Right”

Sophia Bollman (Season 13)
“Stained Glass”

Sophia Urista (Season 11)
“Put In Work”
“New Shine” (featuring VOLUNTEEER)

Stephanie Skipper (Season 14)
“I Believe in a Thing Called Love”

Sundance Head (Season 11)
“Leave Her Wild”

The Swon Brothers (Season 4)
“What Ever Happened”
“Midnight Lovers”

Sydney Rhame (Season 9)
“Love Myself”
“Look Good Together”

Teresa Guidry (Season 10)
“Touchy Subject”

Terisa Griffin (Season 3)
“Distant Lover”

Tessanne Chin (Season 5)
“Somebody Loves You” (featuring Wayne Marshall)
“This Could Be Love”

The Tuesday Club (with Jordy Searcy, Season 7)
“Summer Lovin'”
“Just Like Autumn”

Tim Atlas (Season 9)
“Color World”

Tim Mahoney (Season 1)
“I’m the Only One”

Todd Kessler (Season 3)
“Meet You There”

Toia Jones (Season 7)
“Sleeping with the Enemy”

Tonya Boyd Cannon (Season 8)
“Beggin’ You Not 2 Go”

Tony Lucca (Season 2)
“Everything’s Changing”

Waking Hour (Angela Wolff / Season 1)
“Sunshower” (Chris Cornell cover)

We McDonald (Season 11)
“Head Up High”

Whitney Myer (Season 2)
“These Girls”

Wilkes (Season 14)
“Green Eyes” (Live at 1971 Sound)
“Southern Comfortable”

Will Champlin (Season 5)
“Book of Love” (featuring Albert Chang & Niall Ferguson) (Peter Gabriel cover)
“Meant to Be” (with Kurt Hugo Schneider, Kirsten Collins) (Bebe Rexha cover)
“In My Blood” (with Kurt Hugo Schneider, Kirsten Collins )(Shawn Mendes cover)
“Picasso in My Pocket”

Vanessa Ferguson (Season 12)
“Whateva You Want”

Vedo (Season 4)
“Boo’d Up”
“T-Shirt & Panties”

Xenia (Season 1)
“Love You Give Away”

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  1. Sherry January 1, 2019 at 7:47 pm -  Reply

    Kayley Hill jus released “You’re Her Man”.

    I saw Kayley at Doc Holliday’s in Nashville. She draws a big crowd because she is really good. Her CD Never Knew Love is definitely worth buying.

  2. Thomas Ward January 2, 2019 at 2:00 pm -  Reply

    Found one missing: Lilli Passero of Season 12 released a single with her band “Lilli &the Honey” titled “Did Ya Know” 🙂

    • Mark Franklin January 4, 2019 at 9:48 am -  Reply

      Thanks! Extremely helpful. Didn’t know she was part of a band!

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