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Meet Constance Howard of The Voice Season 22


Constance Howard from The Voice Season 22

Constance Howard from The Voice Season 22

Her audition: Constance Howard, 27, of Katy, Texas performed “Peaches” by Justin Bieber. Constance’s impressive opening turned Camila Cabello’s chair in a heartbeat. A whistle note enticed John Legend to follow. And before the song ended, Constance did it again. Camila said she loves Constance’s tone. John called her voice “special” and loved the way she made the song her own. Constance joined Team Camila.

Here’s more about Constance.

* She’s had her 28th birthday since the auditions were filmed, grew up in Harris County, Texas, and has already released music.

* She graduated from Morton Ranch High School and attended the University of Houston.

* Constance has performed under the stage name Vicci Constance and Victoria Constance.

* She’s been working as an elementary school teacher and one of her most recent Instagram posts features her fourth-grade students performing.

* The two singles she’s released are “Love You” from 2017 and “All Mine” from 2019. You can check out the latter below.

* You can check out lots of more recent covers on her Instagram page where she has more than 7,000 followers.

* Earlier this year, Constance participated in Jetset Magazine’s Miss Jetset competition.

* She’s been performing for years. The earliest video on her YouTube channel is of Constance performing at a Maverick Idol Talent Show at her high school in 2012.

Constance on social media:

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