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Gina Miles: ‘I’m still surprised’


Gina Miles with coach Niall Horan after she was named winner of The Voice Tuesday night. (NBC Photo)

Gina Miles with coach Niall Horan after she was named winner of The Voice Tuesday night. (NBC Photo)

That look of shock that crossed Gina Miles’ face when she won The Voice Tuesday night was genuine, she confirmed in multiple interviews since.

“I was really surprised,” the 19-year-old Sacramento resident told her hometown TV station Wednesday. “I’m still surprised.”

Heck, back when the blind auditions were held, Gina didn’t even think she’d earn a spot on the show, she confessed in a separate interview with Gold Derby.

Singers spend weeks in Los Angeles preparing for those blind auditions, which determine who gets a spot on each season of The Voice.

“I was just a nervous wreck,” Gina recalled. “I didn’t feel confident in myself at all for this specific show because there were so many amazing people on this season.

“I was just hearing everyone sing all the time. And I was like, ‘There’s no way, no way, I’m going to get a turn.'”

Turns out Gina turned two with her rendition of Katy Perry’s “The One That Got Away” — the chairs of Kelly Clarkson and Niall Horan.

She picked Niall, and it turned out to be a winning combination as she dazzled fans with her versions of “Wicked Game” and “Nothing Compares to U.”

And her duet with Niall — Billy Joel’s “New York State of Mind” — was easily the best artist-coach performance on Tuesday’s show.

Still, when Carson Daly announced her victory, a look of complete astonishment crossed Gina’s face.

“I was just like, ‘Me? Are you for real?'” Gina recalled thinking in the interview with Gold Derby.

“I was just very surprised,” she added in a red carpet interview right after the show. “The talent on our season is insane, and I’m really grateful to have shared all of this space with all those people. I was not prepared or ready for that (winning).

“We’re all in this for the music. Winning is just a piece of the whole puzzle.”

In all those interview, Gina comes across as one of the most gracious winners The Voice could have found.

What comes next?

Performing, Gina said. And new music. She released an EP called “Who Are You” last year. A record deal is part of the winner’s package on The Voice.

“Hopefully, we can make some pop songs because I do love a pop moment. I really do,” she told Gold Derby. “But my comfort spot is definitely those more moody, darker kind of songs. I would love to make a record with both of those things intertwined.”

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