Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson’s Friday GMA appearance (in photos)


Kelly Clarkson appeared on ABC’s “Good Morning America” Friday.

She sang two songs from her latest album — her latest single, “Already Gone,” and “If I Can’t Have You.”

She wasn’t asked about the backing track controversy surrounding “Already Gone,” at least not on the videos still available on the GMA Web site.

GMA also shares this info about Kelly. Her latest hobby is golf. She has several pets, including some dogs rescued from Hurricane Katrina. And she does not Twitter.

Below are photos The Associated Press shot during Kelly’s GMA appearance. If you want to hear her amazing live vocals, you can check out the GMA videos here.

And, if you want to hear Kelly live, remember, she’ll be at the York Fair on Friday, Sept. 11. Ticket info is available at right, under the “Idols in the Area” section of this blog.

Now, for the photos …

Kelly Clarkson appears on Good Morning America. (AP Photo)

Kelly Clarkson performed two songs from All I Ever Wanted on Good Morning America Friday. (AP Photo)

Kelly Clarkson performs Friday in New York. She will be at the York Fair Friday, Sept. 11. (AP Photo)

Kelly Clarkson appeared on Good Morning America Friday. (AP Photo)

Kelly Clarkson sang If I Can't Have You and Already Gone on GMA Friday. (AP Photo)

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