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Meet the Dryes of The Voice Season 22


Katelyn and Derek Dryes, wife, husband and contestants on The Voice Season 22

Katelyn and Derek Drye, wife, husband and contestants on The Voice Season 22

Their audition: The Dryes (Katelyn and Derek), of Nashvlle, Tenn., performed “Islands in the Stream” by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers. As soon as Katelyn joined Derek on vocals, Blake Shelton turned his chair. Gwen Stefani joined him at the song’s midway point. Blake made it clear he loved the performance even before Katelyn joined in, especially the fact that they changed up the song a bit. Gwen said she loves the couple as a team. The Dryes joined Team Blake.

Here’s more about the Dryes.

* The Dryes are a husband-wife country/Americana duo that includes singer-songwriters Katelyn and Derek Drye.

* According to a 2018 interview, they began creating music together in their hometown of Winston-Salem, N.C., in 2008 while still pursuing solo ventures.

* They officially became a duo about 10 years ago. Says Katelyn: “We knew we were meant to create together because we were better together.”

* And create they have, especially recently, to the tune of nine singles, a Christmas cover and an EP since 2018.

* Must-hears among that collection include a fun honkytonk tune called “Dolly Would” and the lovely ballad “Yes.”

* Their most successful single to date is “War,” released in 2018. Dealing partly with the death of Derek’s mom by suicide when he was still a baby, that song has been streamed more than 6.6 million times on Spotify.

* The Dryes’ music videos for “Dolly Would” and their latest single “House on Fire” (released in February) both hit #1 on CMT’s 12-Pack Countdown. Check out “Dolly Would” below.

* The couple are now Nashville based, having “packed everything that was important in a hand-me-down Jeep Cherokee” in order to move there in 2014.

* They’re also popular on TikTok, where their combination of music, good times and humor has attracted nearly 30,000 followers.

* In an interview with People, Katelyn said: “Anything we go through in life is not just for us. We take those painful moments and put them in a song to hopefully inspire someone else going through the same thing.”

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