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Meet Dia Malai from The Voice Season 22


Dia Malia from The Voice Season 22

Dia Malia from The Voice Season 22

Her audition: Dia Malai,, 26, of Queens, N.Y., performed “Real Love” by Mary J. Blige. Dia’s high-energy opening prompted a quick chair turn from John Legend. That was the chair turn Dia was looking for. None of the other coaches turned, which meant Dia automatically became Team Legend. Dia got high praise from the other coaches for her style and attitude. John loved the way she took command of the stage.

Here’s more about Dia Malai.

* She’s an R&B artistb, born and raised in Queens, N.Y.

* In a “Get To Know Me” video on her YouTube channel, she said Dia Malia is her full first name.

* In elementary school, she wondered why she was the only student with two first names. Her mom, she said, blamed it on a mistake by the nurse who filled out her birth certificate.

* In the same video, Dia Malai says she started writing poetry at a young age, fell in love with music around age 7 and realized she had singing talent around age 9.

* She’s released a good bit of music, beginning with singles called “I’m Up” and “Reconsider” in 2016.

* A year later, she released her biggest project to date, a seven-song EP called “Echostreet.” “She also released a music video for “Destiny,” one of the songs on that EP.

* Her latest release was a featured vocal on “Shalala,” a reggae single released by O Banga in September 2021. You can check out the music video below.

* At about the same time, she wrote on Instagram: “My greatest goal in this lifetime is to leave a mark on this world so prominent that my energy still lingers on the surface after my time has come to past. So pardon me if I shake the table from time to time .. I’m just walking in my purpose!”

* She apparently tried out for Season 20 of American Idol as well. She posted a brief video of Ryan Seacrest reacting to the color scheme and outfit she wore to her audition.

* The blind audition song choice was a tribute to her beginnings in music. Dia grew up singing Mary J. Blige songs with her mother.


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