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Sasha Hurtado, Ian Harrison stolen on The Voice


Sasha Hurtado of The Voice Season 22, listening to feedback after her battle round match. (NBC Photo)

Sasha Hurtado of The Voice Season 22, listening to feedback after her battle round match. (NBC Photo)

Eight more singers advanced to the knockout round on Monday’s episode of The Voice.

Those eight include Sasha Hurtado and Ian Harrison, both rescued from elimination by steals.

Sasha, singing for Team Camila, was stolen by Gwen Stefani. Ian, singing for Team Gwen, was stolen by John Legend.

They joined battle round winners Kevin Hawkins, Kate Kalvach, Devix, Kique, Kim Cruse and Alyssa Witrado in advancing to the next round, which will feature three-way knockouts for the first time ever on The Voice.

Follow the links attached to each singer’s name below and you’ll find a profile on the artist, complete with information about music they’ve already reelased.


Team Camila

The match: Devix vs. Sasha Hurtado
The background: Devix, 28, of York, Pa., performed “Heat Waves” by Glass Animals and earned three chair turns in the blinds. Sasha, 18, of Dallas, Ga., performed “River” by Bishop Briggs and also enticed three coaches to turn.
The song: “Electric Feel” by MGMT
The feedback: Gwen called that performance “so beautiful.” She called Devix unique. John Legend gave the edge to Devix. Blake agreed that Devix seems more developed, but said Sasha seems ready to “erupt.”
The outcome: Camila named Devix the winner. Sasha was stolen by Gwen Stefani.
My take: His combination of range, rasp and power make Devix one of my favorite male singers on the show. That said, Sasha’s tone — and the passion with which she performed — tells me she’s a singer from whom I’ll love hearing post-show music. That being the case, I was quite pleased to see both of these artists advance.


Team Gwen

The match: Alyssa Witrado vs. Ian Harrison
The background: Alyssa, 19 of Fresno, Calif., sang “Don’t Speak” by No Doubt in the blinds and turned two chairs. Ian Harrison, 20, of Columbus, Ohio, auditioned with “The Night We Met” by Lord Heron and turned three.
The song: “Happier Than Ever” by Billie Eilish
The feedback: John Legend said he loved the performance. He called Alyssa “flawless,” and said he’d give her the win. So did Camila Cabello. Blake Shelton preferred Ian as the winner. Gwen praised them both and said she was torn on who to chose.
The outcome: Gwen named Alyssa the winner. John Legend then stole Ian.
My take: Alyssa was locked in from her opening line, showed wonderful stage presence and connection to what she was singing and was the clear winner of the battle. Ian startled sluggishly and got much better when the music swelled. But this is another of those save-steal decision I wish could have waited until the coaches saw and heard everyone sing. It didn’t scream STEAL even if the vocals got quite loud.


Team Gwen

The match: Kique vs. Tanner Howe
The background: Tanner, 29, of Huntington Beach, Calif., sang “Mercy” by Shawn Mendes in the blinds. He turned three chairs. Kique, 18, of Miami, Fla., chose to audition with “Beautiful Girls” by Sean Kingston and turned two chairs.
The song: “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” by Simple Minds
The feedback: John Legend called it fun and favored Tanner. Camila Cabello and Blake Shelton both preferred Kique, the latter because he believes his voice is the more unique.
The outcome: Gwen awarded the win to Kique; Tanner was eliminated. She called Kique a “diamond in the rough.”
My take: Wow, I did not like the song choice for these two guys. The whole performance just seemed a bit too hokey. But in my mind, Tanner was the clear, clear winner. That’s both in terms of vocal performance and the stage presence he used to try to sell the performance.


Team Blake

The match: Kate Kalvach vs. Madison Hughes
The background: Kate, 27, of Oklahoma City, Ok., performed “Rainbow” by Kacey Musgraves in the blinds and turned three chairs. Madison, 25, of Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla., performed “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” by Bob Dylan and also turned three chairs.
The song: “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” by Poison
The feedback: Both singers received praise for their vocals. And while none of the coaches voiced a preference, John Legend said Kate began to emerge as a superstar when she “opened up and got big at the end.” Post-battle, Blake said there’s something “really sweet” about her voice.
The outcome: Blake named Kate the winner; Madison was eliminated.
My take: I love Madison’s voice, listened to her cover of “Meet Me in the Woods” repeatedly pre-Voice. But Blake got this one right because Kate’s voice seemed to explode effortlessly and tastefully. Her vocal firepower won this battle.
Special note: Not a single save or steal remained when this battle took place.

Team Blake

The match: Kevin Hawkins vs. Hillary Torchiana
The background: Kevin, 28 of Dallas, Texas, performed “Isn’t She Lovely” by Stevie Wonder. He turned four chairs in the blinds. Hillary, 34, of West Chester, Pa., performed “Easy On Me” by Adele. Only Blake turned for her audition.
The song: “Preach” by John Legend
The feedback: John Legend gave a standing ovation to the performance of his song. He gave the edge to John. So did Gwen. Camila said he seemed the more comfortable performer.
The outcome: Blake named Kevin the winner; Hillary was eliminated.
My take: These two singers deserve kudos for that brilliant ending. But there’s no denying that Kevin was the more spot-on vocalists, showing great range, piercing vocals and great stage presence too.

Team Legend

The match: Kim Cruse vs. David Andrew
The background: Kim, 30, of Woodville, Texas, performed “Best Part” by Daniel Caesar with H.E.R. in the blinds and turned all four chairs. David, 25, of Gallatin, Tenn., performed “Falling” by Harry Styles and turned two chairs.
The song: “Heartbreak Anniversary” by GIVĒON
The feedback: The coaches all praised David’s performance, but Blake and Camila gave the vocal and performance edge to Kim. John called Kim an “elite vocalist.”
The outcome: John named Kim the winner; David was eliminated.
My take: It’s the smoky quality of Kim’s voice that grabbed my attention when the song began and it was the power and soulfulness of her vocals when the music swelled that made this performance special.

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