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Meet Kate Kalvach from The Voice Season 22


Kate Kalvach from The Voice Season 22

Kate Kalvach from The Voice Season 22

Her audition: Kate Kalvach, 27, of Oklahoma City, Ok., performed “Rainbow” by Kacey Musgraves. Showing off a really nice tone, Kate earned late chair turns from Camila Cabello, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton. Blake said Kate got stronger as the performance went on. Camila said she loves Kate’s tone and thinks she could be the secret weapon on her team. Gwen called the performance “so pretty.” Kate opted to join Team Blake.

Here’s more about Kate.

* She’s a singer-songwriter and pop artist, who grew up in Pittsburgh, Pa.

* Kate moved to Oklahoma City in 2013 and is creative director at Hope Connection Church, where her parents serve as lead pastors.

* She’s a 2019 graduate of Southwestern Christian University with a bachelor’s degree in music business and technology, according to her bio on the church’s website.

* Kate’s also married to a musician, Czech artist (Matt) Kalvach. She and her husband have both released music.

* In Kate’s case, that includes a debut single “Unshaken” from 2017, a 2021 holiday single called “Christmas Lights” and a pair of songs released this year — “Clarity” and “Pieces of My Heart.”

* “My husband and I create all of my music from scratch,” Kate says in her Spotify bio. “We love to create together and chill in our home studio.”

* “Pieces of My Heart,” her most recent release, came out in March. Says Kate: “This one is close to my heart for many reasons. It’s as real and honest as I could get. I was grappling with the reality that leaving is always easier than staying. It’s easier to move onto another season than to be the one holding down the fort, picking up the pieces. Songwriting became my coping mechanism. The things I want to scream have morphed into a million songs that i hope to share soon.”

* And the fact that she has released music represents the fulfillment of a dream, she says in an Instagram post. “As a little girl, I played piano in our laundry room and wrote songs about Jesus, Cinderella, and boys. I had a secret dream to release music one day. It JUST hit me that my dream came true.” She thanks her husband for helping make that happen by producing her music.

* As for her goal as an artist, Kate writes “My hope is that you can relate to my lyrics and ultimately feel seen. We may not experience the same in life, but we all know love, pain, heartache and everything in between.”

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