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Meet Kim Cruse of The Voice Season 22


Kim Cruse from The Voice Season 22

Kim Cruse from The Voice Season 22

Her audition: Kim Cruse, 30, of Woodville, Texas, performed “Best Part” by Daniel Caesar with H.E.R. Kim’s vocals enticed an early chair turn from John Legend. Her vocal acrobatics eventually turned the chair of every other coach as well. Gwen called her performance “so beautiful.” John said she’s so good she should be on the finale. Kim decided to join Team Legend.

Here’s more about Kim.

* She’s an R&B singer-songwriter who has already released music.

* Kim began singing around age 3, tagging along with her dad when he would perform at nursing homes on Sunday mornings.

* Her dad eventually became pastor of a church where Kim grew up singing, eventually becoming a worship leader.

* She also participated in choir, beginning in middle school and ultimately earning a scholarship to Stephen F. Austin State University.

* In an interview with Voyage LA Magazine, Kim said she auditioned for televised singing shows a number of times between the ages of 16 and 21.

* “I’d always makes it so far, and eventually I’d hear ‘no’,” she told the site. “I got discouraged. But the older I got, I changed the way that I took those ‘no’s’. I conditioned myself to believe that anything that’s worth having is definitely worth fighting for.”

* She worked as a Head Start teacher for five years, posting singing videos to social media sites on the side. In 2018, one of those went viral, attracting more than 2 millions views.

* That led to an opportunity to tour with gospel artist John P. Kee. According to her Spotify bio, Kim also toured with R&B artist Monica.

* In 2020, at age 27, Kim won Race to the Blue, on online singing competition hosted by Terrell Grice. As a result, she became a featured vocalist on three tracks of his 2020 album, “An Invitation to a Cookout,” which also features Voice alum Brooke Simpson, Avery Wilson and the late Janice Freeman.

* Kim released a self-titled, five-song debut EP in February 2021. Check out “Actions” if you’re looking to hear something catchy. Check out “More” if you’re looking for an even better example of her vocal prowess.

* She also released a single called “Don’t You Wanna Go” in conjunction with a Waffle House promotional campaign in November.

* Says Kim of her music: “I started out doing gospel (music), but I kind of think they’re one in the same (gospel and R&B) besides the message because they’re all about feelings. As I grew, I started to experience different things in life which I wanted to write about. That’s what brought about the soul, R&B side of it.”

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