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Meet Devix of The Voice Season 22


Devix from The Voice Season 22

Devix from The Voice Season 22

His audition: Devix, 28, of York, Pa., performed “Heat Waves” by Glass Animals. For a while, Devix struggled to get anyone to turn. Then John Legend turned his chair, the performance got stronger and Camila Cabello and Gwen Stefani followed. Gwen complimented him on a “character” voice that’s both rich and big. John said he heard “magic” in Devix’s voice, calling it distinct and commercial. Devix joined Team Camila.

Here’s more about Devix.

* Devix is the stage name for York, Pa., based singer-songwriter Eric Torres.

* As a loop artist, he’s a one-man band specializing in alternative rock and indie folk music.

* He’s been hosting an open mic twice a month at a venue in York and performs regularly throughout central Pennsylvania, including Lancaster and Harrisburg.

* In an interview with WITF, Devix says his interest in music stretches back to his youth when he was a fan of the punk band Sum 41.

* He was 8 when his brother brought home a guitar and Devix decided to pick up the instrument. The guitar has been his primary instrument ever since.

* “As time went on, I realized I had a decent gift for music, so I started picking up other instruments,” he says. Those other instruments include the drums, bass, guitar, keys and, at the time of the interview, he was “working on accordion.”

* In high school, he intended to form a band named Devix, but it wound up going by the name Conduit instead.

* He learned looping because high school ended, the band members headed off to college “so I had to figure out a way to keep it going without a band.”

* So he started performing as Devix, and the name of the project became the name of Eric Torres as a performing solo artist.

* Devix has lots of original music, but you won’t find it on traditional streaming sites with the exception of a 2012 single called “You’ll Remember This.”

* He released a 2013 EP called “False Echoes” to Bandcamp, and it’s still available there.

* You can check out more recent originals — including “Black Dress” and “Won’t Settle” — on Devix’s Instagram. Check out “Piece of Mind,” another original, below.

Devix on social media:

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