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Meet Crystal Nicole from The Voice Season 24


Crystal Nicole from The Voice Season 24

Crystal Nicole from The Voice Season 24

Her audition: Crystal Nicole, 39, Atlanta, Ga., performed “Only Girl) in the World” by Rihanna and earned a chair turn from Reba McEntire. She complimented Crystal on her strong, powerful voice. Fans only heard a snippet because The Voice montaged Crystal’s audition.

Here’s more about Crystal.

* Why was Crystal auditioning with “Only Girl?” Perhaps because she WROTE the song, which hit number one and earned a Grammy in 2011 for best dance/electronic recording.
That’s right, folks. The Voice montaged a Grammy winner singing a song she wrote, the very song that earned that Grammy.

* Crystal has also had a hand in writing songs recorded by Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, Janet Jackson, Brandy, David Guetta, Jennifer Hudson, The Pussycat Dolls and Beyonce. You can check out the long list on her Wikipedia page. That’s right, folks. The Voice montaged a songwrter with a Wiki page.

* That page tells us Crystal was born and raised in Atlanta, where she began singing and competing in talent shows at a young age.

* She wrote her first song “in third grade, I think, and it was hot trash,” she confesses on her Instagram. Obviously, she got much better, writing “a few” number one records.

* Crystal’s songwriting tips, provided in that same post, include writing about real- life situations that will come across as authentic and relatable.

* Her “BIG” tip involves collaborating. She writes: “Don’t let nobody dim your light but also don’t make an enemy out of the ‘electricians.’ God may have placed around you to help illuminate that light.”

* Cyrstal’s also released her own original music and has a handful of original singles on Spotify, the most recent being “Miracle” from 2021. You can check it out below. She also released a seven-track album, “Masterpiece,” in 2015.

* Her most popular songs as a singer on the site are a version of “Silent Night” and “Please Forgive,” both with morethan 800,000 streams. The latter is a collaboration with Lecrea and Sean Garrett from the “Superfly” soundtrack.

* Crystal’s Spotify bio says she’s eager to share her experience with young artists. “I’ve been successful,” she writes. “It’s time to be significant.”

Crystal on social media:

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