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Meet Reid Zingale from The Voice Season 24


Reid Zingale from The Voice Season 24

Reid Zingale from The Voice Season 24

Reid Zingale is among the artists rumored to have earned a spot on Season 24 of The Voice.

The Voice returns Monday, Sept. 24 with a coaching quartet of Rebe McEntire, Gwen Stefani, John Legend and Niall Horan.

Here’s more about Reid:

* He’s a Nashville-based singer-songwriter who has already released music.

* In his case, that comes in the form of 11 singles released since 2020.

* He’s been a frequent collaborator with the Song House in Nashville, including one his latest single, “Dark Blue,” which you can check out below.

* Reid says the song is about his battle with depression. “I am so thankful for the stories I have already received about the song! For those of you going through it right now, you are not alone.”

* That’s one of four songs Reid has released so far in 2023. The other’s are “The One,” “Light” and “Slowly It Goes.”

* And he has a couple of other impressive collaborations with Song House that don’t appear to have been released yet, including the catchy “Better in the Long Run.” You can check out snippets on his Instagram.

* Judging from his Facebook, he studied at Middle Tennessee State University and married his wife Rachel in May 2018.

* In a TikTok, Reid, part jokingly, says: “One of the really sad things about being a really teeny tiny independent artist is nobody knows you. Like, Alexa doesn’t even know me.”

* Then he demonstrates, asking Alexa to play his song “The One,” only to be disappointed. Take heart, Reid. Perhaps that will change after Season 24 of The Voice.

Reid on social media:

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