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Meet Jackson Snelling from The Voice Season 24


Jackson Snelling from The Voice Season 24

Jackson Snelling from The Voice Season 24

His audition: Jackson Snelling, 21, Austin, Indiana, “If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away” by Justin Moore: Jackson showed off a really nice country tone, especially on the opening. And that earned him a quick chair turn from Gwen Stefani. Reba eventually turned as well. Reba complimented him on a great tone and doing a great job with his audition song. Gwen pulled the Blake card in trying to win Jackson over. Still, Jackson decided to join Team Reba.

Here’s more about Jackson.

* He’s a singer-songswriter from Austin, Indiana in his early 20s.

* He’s also one of several Season 24 Voice contestants who has already released music.

* In Jackson’s case, that includes a 2020 album called “Storyteller” and five singles so far in 2023 alone.

* The latter include “Shotgun Seat,” “My Buddy Jack,” “After You,” “Strangers” and “Old Man,” all of which are classified as county on Apple Music. The latter is a tribute to his late father; you can check out the music video below.

* Jackson was featured on a Season 19 audition episode of American Idol, making it in front of the celebrity judges at age 18 after auditioning every year since he turned 15.

* He sang an original song called “Please Listen” and got compliments from the judges for that performance. But they didn’t think he was quite ready for Hollywood Week, so Jackson didn’t secure a golden ticket.

* Nevertheless, he said he benefitted from the TV exposure. And he wound up releasing “Please Listen” on his 2020 album. He released a music video for the song as well.

* Jackson and his younger brother both have autism. Jackson wrote “Please Listen” to help his brother cope with their father’s death.

* In an interview with Nashville Voyager last September, Jackson said he began singing at a young age and started taking it more seriously after performing his first solo in sixth grade.

* By his freshman year of high school, he was gigging around his hometown and that led to his decision to audition for Idol.

* He’s also won and been nominated for several Josie Music Awards, given to independent artists, and performed one of his originals at the 2021 awards show in Nashville. The song he performed was “If I Only Knew,” about suicide awareness.

* ” I would have to say I specialize in writing songs that come from a personal place and are relatable to your average person,” Jackson says in that 2022 interview, adding he’s proud of the number of people who have told him they’ve been helped by his music.

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