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Meet Willie Gomez of The Voice Season 24


WIllie Gomez from The Voice Season 24

Willie Gomez from The Voice Season 24

His audition: Willie Gomez, 37, Miami, Fla., sang “La Bachata” by Manuel Turizo: He’s singing in Spanish and gets an early chair turn from Gwen Stefani. Eventually, all three of the other coaches joined him. Willie’s dance background is obvious. Stage presence won’t be a problem for him. Niall Horan called it a cool performance. Gwen Stefani liked his vibe. John Legend called his tone “rich.” Willie joined Team Legend.

Here’s more about Willie:

* He’s a Latin artist born in the Dominican Republic and raised in Miami.

* He’s already released music, all in Spanish to date. He dropped his latest single, “Mira Como Baila” (“Look How He Dances”) in May.

* Last year, he released an album called “Del Cibao,” featuring 10 of his most popular songs.

* One of those, “Mojados” (“Wet), has more than 1.3 mllion streams on Spotify. A remix of thee song has another 600,000. You can check it out below.

* In his web bio, Willie says he became fascinated with popular pop artists and their work at age 13 and started taking dance and voice lessons.

* By the age of 17, he says he’d already appeared with a number of Latin artists, including Paulina Rubio. a coach on La Voz and La Voz Kids.

* He also performed on Latin award shows, including the Latin Billboards and the Latin Grammys, according to his website.

* He eventually moved to L.A. to pursue his dreams and wound up dancing and touring with a number of superstars, including Britney Spears, Katy Perry and Christina Aguilera.

* One of his most recent Instagram posts features Willie and three other dancers surrounding Paris Hilton at an Icons Only show at the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood.

* Earlier this year, he was also featured on “Dime Mi Amor,” a duet on Mayre Martinez’s most recent EP. Mayre is a former Latin American Idol and was runner-up on Season 1 of La Voz in 2019.

* Willie has more than 140,000 followers and more than 700,000 likes on his TikTok.

Willie on social media:

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