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Meet Olivia Eden from The Voice Season 24


Olivia Eden from The Voice Season 24

Olivia Eden from The Voice Season 24

Her audition: Olivia Eden, 15, Long Valley, N.J., performed “This Town” by Niall Horan. Olivia showed off a very pretty tone from the opening note. That earned her quick chair turns from Niall and Reba McEntire. Those wound up being the only coaches to turn in spite of a nice ending by Olivia. Niall complimented her on the maturity in her voice. He also said she has a nice twang in her vocals. Reba said she was “blown away” by the performance and complimented Olivia on her “poise.” Olivia joined Team Niall.

Here’s more about Olivia:

* She appears to be a 15-year-old singer-songwriter from Long Valley, N.J.

* In spite of her youth, she’s already released music in the form of a five-song acoustic EP called “Take One.”

* That EP dropped in January and you can check out a performance of “Insatiable,” one of her originals on the EP, below.

* Not surprisingly, Olivia has a youthful sound. But she’s also blessed with an angelic voice.

* And she’s tackled performing with a passion, posting an impressive mix of dozens of covers and originals on TikTok since her first post in July 2021 (Taylor Swift’s “Champagne Problems”).

* Olivia has about 900 followers and more than 10,000 likes on that TikTok.

* She posted her first cover to YouTube in March 2022. “I think ‘Funeral’ by Phoebe Bridgers is just the song for that,” she writes.

* It’s also clear from her social media that she’s been playing live quite a bit.

Olivia on social media:

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