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Meet RUDI from The Voice Season 24


RUDI from The Voice Season 24

RUDI from The Voice Season 24

Her audition: RUDI, 28, San Antonio, Texas, performed “You Don’t Own Me” by Lesley Gore. She delivered a wonderful opening and as soon as the song swelled Gwen Stefani turned. RUDI’s showed off a wonderful mix of grit and soul, plus a knack for the dynamics needed on a show like The Voice. She also does a really nice job of working the stage. And ultimately, she got every other coach to turn as well. Niall Horan blocked John Legend, only to lose RUDI anyway. Reba McEntire called RUDI a great singer and said she touched her heart. Gwen praised her control and her stage presence. RUDI opted to join Team Gwen.

Here’s more about RUDI:

* She’s Rudi Aliza Gutierrez, a 28-year-old R&B / pop artist from San Antonio, Texas.

* And fans of reality TV might remember her from “Bachelor, Listen to Your Heart,” which aired in the spring of 2020.

* The show matched aspiring artists and had them perform together to see if romance blossomed. Rudi was matched with Matt Ranaudo.

* They were dubbed MUDI and hailed for their musical chemistry. A surviving video of their acclaimed performance of Lady Gaga’s “Shallow” has nearly 1 million views on YouTube.

* But Matt called it quits on the show’s final episode, a move that Rudi said “blindsided” her at the time.

* Happily, the couple reunited musically — if not romantically — in 2022, posting a duet of Adele’s “All I Ask.”

* At the time, Rudi wrote: ““Life is too short to hold onto grudges. sometimes you just gotta move on and do what makes YOU happy – singing with this guy is one of those things that will always put a smile on my face.”

* Prior to her time on the show, Rudi was working in L.A. as a demo singer.

* Since the show, she’s released a half dozen well-received singles. “Smile” and “Hate LA” — two of her earliest releases — each have more than 300,000 streams on Spotify.

* Her latest release, “Murder,” dropped in December 2022. You can check it out below. And those singles also include “Stupid Boy,” written in part about her experience on The Bachelor.

* In an interview with Lone Star Plate, Rudi said her favorite performance from that show was “Tennessee Whiskey.”

* But she quickly added that nothing had changed about the direction of her music. “I sing with soul and I like to dance. That’s who I was going in and that’s how I came out.”

* Rudi, by the way, has more than 57,000 followers and more than 900,000 likes on her TikTok.

Rudi on social media:

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