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Meet Alison Albrecht of The Voice Season 24


Alison Albrecht from The Voice Season 24 (NBC Photo)

Alison Albrecht from The Voice Season 24 (NBC Photo)

Her audition: Alison Albrecht, 23, of Novi, Mich., performed “Ironic” by Alanis Morissette: The Voice cut this audition ridiculously short considering the time devoted to contestants who didn’t make the show. But Alison showed off a powerful voice in the snippet we saw. Reba McEntire was apparently the only coach to turn. Reba complimented Alison on her range and the sincerity in her voice.

Here’s more about Alison:

* She’s an Ann Arbor, Michigan-based singer-songwriter who’s been releasing music since she was 15 years old.

* She’s also a 2022 graduate of the University of Michigan where she majored in biopsychology, cognition and neuroscience.

* In fact, in an interview with The Stratton Setlist, she explained that she stepped away from music during her freshman year of college because of a course schedule heavy with challenging science classes.

* “At that point, I realized, ‘Oh, I need music,'” she told the site. Her Spotify bio says she now hopes to combine music and songwriting with the mental health field and to advocate for marginalized voices.

* Alison describes her original music as combining pop, folk and soul with “insightful songwriting.”

* She says her inspirations include Joni Mitchell, Carole King, Stevie Nicks and Lorde.

* She started performing around Michigan at age 9. In 2014, she won the Michigan State Fair Superstar competition.

* That led to her self-titled debut EP, featuring a covering of Stevie Nicks’ “Edge of Seventeen.” Alison followed up with a second EP, “Start Again,” the next year when she was still just 16.

* During the pandemic, Alison and her brother Andrew built a studio at their home and started writing and recording new material.

* The result were two singles — “I Say” and “Right Place, Wrong Time” — and her third EP, “Hurricane,” which dropped last year. You can check out the brilliant title track to that EP below.

* Now 23, Alison has also released two singles this year — “Red Dress” and “White Tab.”

* The latter is an excellent song and a perfect example of her desire to combine her music and education. Alison says it stemmed from working on her own mental health. She calls the song “a love leter to anyone going through a dark time.”

Alison on social media:

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