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Meet Ephraim Owens from The Voice Season 24


Ephraim Owens from The Voice Season 26

Ephraim Owens from The Voice Season 24

His audition: Ephraim Owens, 36, of Indianapolis, Indiana, performed “Beneath You’re Beautiful” by Labrinth: Ephraim’s deep, emotive vocals had the coaches intrigued from the opening note. As soon as the song swelled, the chairs started to turn. And by the time he finished singing, all four were facing his way. For his part, Ephraim continued to deliver a knockout performance. Gwen said she liked his combination of soul and rock. Niall loved the angst in his voice. Reba called his a firecracker. John said he loved the performance. Ephraim joined Team Legend.

Here’s more about Ephraim:

* He grew up around music. His grandmother sang background vocals for Marvin Gaye and Al Green. His dad was a minister of music.

* Ephraim has seven siblings, and he’s not the only singer in the group. In fact, he and three of his sibling auditioned for the show in 2018.

* Younger brother David landed a spot on Team Kelly Clarkson for Season 16. During the battles, he lost and landed on the comeback stage, but failed to make it back to the main stage.

* Ephraim grew up singing in church, telling the Indy Star that he made his public debut at age 3 singing “Battle Hymn of the Republic” at his grandmother’s church.

* After high school, he moved to Florida where his oldest brother was attending college. He got involved in campus ministry at Florida A&M and Florida State.

* Upon moving back to Indiana, he told the IndyStar he got involved with music at a few different church and was an associate pastor at Grace Church in Carmel from 2017 to 2021.

* “But I’ve never done music as an artist and doing gigs and stuff like that,” he said. The Voice “is the first time I’ve really been able to step on stage as an artist and really perform.”

* During his Voice bio, Ephraim said one reason for that was he was trying to be practical. He has a wife and two young children to provide for.

* At the time his audition was filmed, he was operating a machine that takes 600 pounds of cement and turns it into concrete stones. “It makes me feel macho, just turning it on,” he told the show. “But (while working), I’m in the control room singing ballads.”

* Ephraim also spent six years competing as an MMA fighter.

* He admits his wife was pulling for him to join Team Reba. His daughter was too; she wanted some of Reba’s tots. “But John Legend, for me personally, his music has inspired me and influenced me since he’s been putting music out.”

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  1. Bridget Bibbs October 20, 2023 at 8:57 pm -  Reply

    Ephraim Owens,
    should have won that battle, that’s not to say the other man was not good, he most certainly was. I felt that Ephraim showed more vocal range and stage presence.

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