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Meet Laura Williams from The Voice Season 24


Laura Williams from The Voice Season 24

Laura Williams from The Voice Season 24

Her audition: Lauren Williams, 20, of Quakertown, Pa., sang “Fingers Crossed” by Lauren Spencer-Smith. Lauren’s tone enticed almost immediate chair turns from Gwen Stefani and Niall Horan. When the song swelled, Reba McEntire turned as well. Midway through the audition, John Legend joined them, making it a four-chair turn. All four coaches praised Lauren’s performance. Gwen loved her connection to the song. Niall noted it’s a tough song to sing and said the “sky is the limit” for the young singer. Laura decided to join Team Niall.

Here’s more about Laura:

* Turns out she turned 20 two days before the audition, which was filmed in July. And she called The Voice audition her firt real gig.

* She’s a graduate of Quakerstown Community High School and planned to attend college. Then she decided to defer for a year because “music is my passion. I want to give it a shot.”

* So she spent about a year singing, writing music and posting videos to TikTok, where she has more than 15,000 followers and more than 200,000 likes. Below, you can check out her wonderful rendition of “I See the Light” from “Tangled.”

* During her Voice intro package, Laura said she was badly bullied growing up and her parents pulled her out of school at one point.

* She coped with the help of her faith and music, which “has always been my outlet. It’s what I do to heal.”

* Laura, who often writes music with the help of her “little ukelele,” says she started writing her own songs around age 14.

* In an interview after her audition aired, she told Philly Live she’s been traveling to Nashville for writing sessions and plans to start doing her own shows.

* She’s also preparing to release music, telling Philly live her genre is Christian music.

* As for chosing Niall as her coach, Laura said: “When Niall was pitching to me, there was just such a genuine energy coming from him … Plus we’re very similar in our music and our style of writing.”

Laura on social media:

@laurawillliamsmusic I see the light 🫶 #christiantiktok #tangled #iseethelight ♬ original sound – Laura Williams

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