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Meet Jarae Womack from The Voice Season 24


Jarae Womack from The Voice Season 24

Jarae Womack from The Voice Season 24

Jarae Womack is among the artists rumored to have earned a spot on Season 24 of The Voice.

The Voice returns Monday, Sept. 24 with a coaching quartet of Rebe McEntire, Gwen Stefani, John Legend and Niall Horan.

Here’s more about Jarae:

* Her great-grandfather was soul legend Sam Cooke and she’s the niece of Bobby Womack.

* That background comes with high expectations, Jarae says in a video bio she posted to YouTube seven years ago.

* “You have to live up to a certain expectation because everybody thinks that just because I’m a Womack, (people think) ‘I’m guessing you can sing. But I have to go out and prove to every person on the stage and in the audience, who I am.”

* She certainly lives up to her pedigree in a superb 2014 single called “Sound of a Woman,” which you can check out below and which was designed to heighten awareness of domestic abuse.

* Wrote Jarae at the time: “This song is dedicated to all those women who have endured emotional, mental and physical abuse. I dedicate my life and career to those who have been and are being abused. When will we all stop and pay attention to the sound of a woman?”

* Press releases for that song also refer to albumt o follow called “New Paradigm.” If released, it no longer appears to be available.

* Jarae is one of three artists featured on a track called “We Thank You,” released in the 2013-14 time frame to honor Nelson Mandela.

* In 2017, Jarae was driving for Lyft to make ends meet when she was invited to audition for a commercial for the company.

* When she arrived for the audition, she was surprised to be doing it in front of pop superstar Demi Lovato. Jarae calls it “a moment I will never forget” on social media.

Jarae on social media:

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