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Meet Lennon VanderDoes from The Voice Season 24


Lennon VanderDoes from The Voice Season 24

Lennon VanderDoes from The Voice Season 24

His audition: Lennon Vanderdoes, 27, Wilmington, Del., performed “The Night We Met” by Lord Huron. His unique tone enticed immediate chair turns from Gwen Stefani and Niall Horan. John Legend soon followed. They were the only three coaches with spots remaining when he auditioned. Lennon delivered tons of emotion too. Niall said he couldn’t turn quick enough when Lennon started singing. He said Lennon has one of his favorite voices on the show. John said he has a bright future thanks to his unique sound. Lennon decided to join Team Niall.

Here’s more about Lennon:

* He’s a 27-year-old folk musician from Wilmington, Del., who’s already released a good deal of music.

* He’s now based in Phoenix, Arizona, having been fascinated by the west at a young age on trips to the Seattle area.

* In a video bio, Lennon explains that his father is from Washington state, so he’d visit the area as a child. “I just fell in love with it. There’s something about the West that’s just enchanting.”

* According to another online bio, part of his musical inspiration comes from the indie folk music prevalent in the area and the free spirit of the Pacific Northwest.

* Since 2019, he’s released 11 singles, including “In the Morning,” a song about what it feels like to wake up next to his wife, and “Black Magic,” which Lennon says it “what happens when I start writing a pop song and get bored of that.” “In the Morning” is especially impressive.

* Two of his other singles — “Gold” and “For Everything Wrong” — have been released this year. Check out “Gold” below.

* On his website, Lennon says he was brought up in a home “with love for the great musical influences of the world.”

* His mother was a huge fan of The Beatles. Hence, Lennon’s first name. “I was going to be Lennon McCartney, but my dad put his foot down on that one,” he says. He became a fan of The Beatles music as well.

* His first foray into music began with playing the drums. After all, his dad was drummer. He taught himself guitar in middle school, then eventually began singing as well, though he confesses to not being very good when he started out.

* He adds that the wide range of influences for his music include Jim Croce and Sufjan Stevens.

* Lennon released a full cover of his audition song, “The Night We Met,” on Nov. 17, calling it the song that “changed my life forever, and led me to meeting some lifelong friends.”

Lennon on social media:

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