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Meet Brailey Lenderman of The Voice Season 24


Brailey Lenderman from The Voice Season 24

Brailey Lenderman from The Voice Season 24

Her audiion: Brailey Lenderman, 33, Nashville, Tenn., performed ”If It Makes You Happy” by Sheryl Crow:. She delivered a lovely tender opening. Her vocals exploded when the music swelled. At that point, Gwen Stefani and Niall Horan they turned simultaneously. Gwen loved her tone. Niall loved her challenging song choice and her handling of it. Brailey opted to join Team Niall.

Here’s more about Brailey.

* She’s among the Season 24 contestants who have already released music. In her case, eight singles since 2018.

” Her debut single was a country song called “Remember All the Nights” and it’s her most popular to date with more than 350,000 streams on Spotify.

* She’s since taken her music in more of a singer-songwriter direction. Below, check out a live performance of her excellent “Girls Can’t Have Fun,” released late last year.

* Her most recent single was the impressive “Main Street,” a song about getting over a past lover. It dropped in March.

* In an interview with Country Note, Brailey says her family is “crazy talented in music, so it was in my blood from the beginning.”

* In fact, in fifth grade, she was asked to complete a survey about what she wanted to do when she grew up. Number one on her list was singer and songwriter.

* That said, he parents encouraged her to pursue an education first, so she graduated from Georgia College and State University with a degree in psychology.

* Then she headed to Nashville to pursue a career as a musician. According to her Spotify bio, she moved there in 2014.

* Her musical inspirations include Wilder Woods, Third Story and The Head and Heart, according to that bio. On Facebook, she writes: “Trying to get people to cry, one song at a time.”

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