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Meet Mara Justine of The Voice Season 24


Mara Justine from The Voice Season 24

Mara Justine from The Voice Season 24

Her audition: Mara Justine, 21, Galloway, N.J., “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” by Elton John: Mara delivered a brilliant opening and had three chairs facing in her direction in a heartbeat. She had all four before hitting the chorus. She slayed on American Idol a few years back and appears to do the same on The Voice. She delivered vocals, range and great dynamics. John called her a “magical gem” of an artist. Niall predicted American will fall in love with her voice. Niall hugged her and had Blake’s giant finger lowerr from the rafters in order to win over Mara. John then took the stage to duet with her. The show ended with a cliffhanger. We’ll find out Tuesday who Mara picked.

Here’s more about Mara.

* She’s a singing show veteran, having appeared on American Idol and America’s Got Talent already. Considering how impressive she was on the former, I’ll be shocked if she doesn’t do well on The Voice.

* Now 21, Mara was just 11 when she finished Top 12 on Season 9 of America’s Got Talent.

* During her run on that show, she impressed judges with her covers of diva songs like Kelly Clarkson’s “Breakaway,” Pink’s “Perfect” and Jennifer Hudson’s “And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going.”

* From Galloway, N.J., Mara was just 15 when she auditioned for Season 16 of Idol. That was the show’s first season on ABC.

* Mara blew the judges away with her soulful and powerful version of Rihanna’s “Love on the Brain.” The judges didn’t even critique it. They just gave Mara a standing ovation. This site ranked it as the night’s best audition on the episode in which it aired.

* And Mara went right on impressing the Idol judges, advancing all the way to the Top 14 before being eliminated.

* Another of her standout performances was a blistering cover of “Something’s Got a Hold on Me” during the showcase round that determined the Top 24.

* Mara’s only released music appears to be a seven-song self-titled album released in 2015, before she appeared on Idol.

*But she’s continued to perform judging from her social media, doing a series of shows in Nashville and Memphis earlier this year.

* “I’m so blessed to be able to do what I love,” Mara wrote in a social media post earlier this year that featured a video compilation of recent performances.

* And she’s continued to post impressive covers to social medica too, ranging from Adele’s “Love in the Dark” to “Great Balls of Fire.”

* Oh, and Mara has nearly 500,000 followers and more than 5 million likes on her TikTok.

Mara on social media:

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