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Meet Stee from The Voice Season 24


Stee from The Voice Season 24

Stee from The Voice Season 24

His audition:
Stee, 34, Bluffton, S.C.,
sang “Sugar” by Maroon 5: Stee immediately showed off nice range. As soon as he hit the high note, John Legend turned, soon followed by the other coaches. However, someone blocked Niall Horan. Reba McEntire said he did a wonderful job. Niall called the performance insane. Gwen called him incredible. John said Stee seems to be an excellent person as well. Stee opted to join Team Legend.

Here’s more about Stee.

* He’s Stee Colvin, D.C. born and South Carolina raised, according to his Spotify bio, where he says he refuses to be pigeon-holed into a single genre.

* He’s released a good deal of music and he’s also been fronting a party band called Stee and the Ear Candy Band since 2015. They play lots of shows around the Hilton Head area and have rave reviews on Facebook.

* According to an online profile, the band plays a wide range of music, from Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder to Robin Thicke, Maroon 5 and Beyonce.

* Stee comes from a musical family. His parents perform Motown sounds around Hilton Head as Sterlin and Shuvette. Stee said another source of inspiration when he was young came when his older sister Brooke began singing.

* As for that already released music, Stee dropped an album called “Songs About Her” in 2010 and an EP called “Three” in 2017.

* His song “Royal Crown,” featured on the EP, has been streamed more than 300,000 times on Spotify. Another single from 2019, “I’m a Lover,” has more than 130,000 streams on the site.

* Stee’s latest release is a 2022 single called “Game of Love,” which you can check out below.

* Stee has also opened for nationally known acts, including Monica, Lloyd, Big Boi and Marques Houston, according to his Spotify bio.

* As for his sound, he told Hilton Head Monthly: ‘“I don’t do the ‘box’ thing. I don’t like to stick in one lane of a genre … My music is an expression of how I am feeling. And my albums are a mesh of sounds.”

* He’s also having lots of fun with his Voice experience, even asking Facebook fans to vote on which coach he should select should they turn a chair for his audition.

* On Nov. 3, Stee released a full cover of his Voice audition song, Maroon 5’s “Sugar.”

Stee on social media:

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