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Meet Caitlin Quisenberry from The Voice Season 24


Caitlin Quisenberry from The Voice Season 22

Caitlin Quisenberry from The Voice Season 22

Her audition: Caitlin Quisenbery, 27, of Denver, Colorado, “Rainbow” by Kacey Musgraves: As soon as Caitlin hit the chorus, she got a chair turn from country coach Reba. A very nice glory note from Caitlin near the end earned a chair turn from Gwen as well. Reba says Caitlin has the sort of voice she loves to listen to. And she noted they’re both redheads. Caitlin opted to join Team Reba. No surprise there.

Here’s more about Caitlin.

* In her Spotify bio, she describes herself as “a devoted wordsmith, songstress and rule-breaking creative.” And she’s released lots of music. None of that nearly happened.

* On her website, Caitlin says she grew up the daughter of a preacher at a little Baptist church in Colorado.

* Her father eventually became an entreprenuer, and Caitlin would tag along with him to trade shows.

* The ups and downs of running a family business convinced her she wanted a life “I could control and where I’d feel safe.”

* That was true especially after spending some time pursuing a acting and singing in Los Angeles, where the “rejectons piled up” and she began to lose her confidence as an artist.

* She wound up being accepted into Pepperdine University, graduated top of her class and was accepted into law school.

* “I felt I was finally on a path that would bring me a securee life I could control,” she write. “I was safe, even if I had given up on my dream.”

* Then her grandmother, who had encouraged Caitlin to sing in church when she was young, became ill. And encouraged her to start singing again. So, instead of heading to law school, Caitlin moved to Nashville.

” “Unfortunately, my grandma died on the day I arrived in Tennessee, but the woman who taught me so much during her life taught me the most important lesson in death. We don’t have time to be afraid or to wait and that there’s no such thing as a completely safe life or one we can control.”

* And so Caitlin, 27, has released 19 singles and a three-song acoustic EP since 2021. Two of those songs — “I Will, I Swear, I Do” from 2021 and “Good On Me” from 2022 — have more than 125,000 streams on Spotify. Check out the music video for “Good on Me” below. And be sure to check out a splendid breakup song called “The Drill” that Caitlin released last year.

* Her latest single, “Wild West With You,” dropped earlier this year. She says the song was inspired by “the excitement and danger of taking risks, having a life full of adventure, and leaving the past behind for something better.”

* Caitlin, who also shares her love of design and painting and offers life advice through her website, also has more than 4,500 followers and nearly 60,000 likes on her TikTok.

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