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Meet Jordan Rainer from The Voice Season 24


Jordan Rainer from The Voice Season 24

Jordan Rainer from The Voice Season 24

Jordan Rainer, 33, Nashville, “Fancy” by Reba McEntire: Jordan opened Season 24 of The Voice by singing a Reba song. And she’d just started the second verse when Reba, Gwen Stefani, Niall Horan turned. John Legend soon joined them as well. John called her an exceptional vocalist. Niall loved the energy in her performance. Reba loved her style and talent. Jordan decided to join Team Reba.

Here’s more about Jordan.

* A native of Atoka, Oklahoma, Jordan was raised in Texas and is a country artist who’s already released lots of music.

* In her Spotify bio, she refers to her music as a little bit of “Reba twang and sass,” some Willie Nelson style story-telling, some Kris Kristofferson edge and grit, mixed with a style all her own.

* And on Instagram, she refers to herself as country music’s woman in black.

* She explains that and her penchant for sunglasses in a post, writing: “The Woman In Black isn’t me trying to be the second coming of Johnny Cash … The Woman In Black, for me, represents the strongest part of myself. She’s the part of me that does the hard things — she stands up for herself; she goes after the dream when it no longer makes sense to. She’s the fighter. The bulldog. I need her. And I step into her energy and her space every time I put those glasses on. I’ll never lose the shades, because they’re my ‘bat cape.’ They’re my portal to feeling invincible and brave.”

* As for her music, Jordan released a sassy single called “Crossfire” in 2020 that’s her most popular to date, with more than 150,000 streams on Spotify.

* She’s dropped more music since, including a single called “Damn Sandwich” (a rare release she didn’t have a hand in writing) and a four-song EP called “Revolver” from earlier this year. You can check out the music video for “Straight Shot,” another 2023 release, below.

* Jordan has more than 750,000 followers and more than 10 million likes on her TikTok. On of her posts about how her gut instincts saved her from a potential kidnapping situation went viral with more than 8 million views. Jordan wound up talking about the experience on the Tamron Hall show.

* Jordan says she inherited her love of music from her parents, who were music ministers at a local church. That said, she resisted her mother’s attempts to train her as a classical pianist and preferred teaching herself how to play guitar.

* In March, she won awards for new female vocalist of the year and new faces of Texas country music at the Texas Country Music Awards.

* She’s also written for other artists, and penned a pair of songs released by The Voice Season 11 champ Sundance Head, including “Stained Glass and Neon,” the title track from his 2018 album.

* Following her elimination in the semifinals, Jordan lashed out at the haters in a social media post and invited fans to her Straight Shot Tour 2024. That’s right, Jordan’s already lined up 18 tour dates for the new year, kicking off Jan. 12 at the Mars Music Hall in Huntsville, Ala. Check out her website for details.

Jordan on social media:

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