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A playlist of music The Voice Season 13 cast has already released


Want to get a sense of the incredible talent The Voice has rounded up for Season 13?

Then check out the discography below and the playlist at right.

More than half of the 48 singers who will earn a spot on this year’s show has already released music you can stream and download.

That includes former Nicki Minaj backup singer Keisha Renee, former Don’t Sigh Daisy lead singer Dylan Gerard, singing cashier Lucas Holliday and many, many more.

The list below only includes releases on which The Voice contestant was the primary vocalist.

And, please, if I’ve missed anyone, let me know by commenting below or emailing VoiceViews@comcast.net.

Enjoy the music. And Season 13.

Team Adam Levine

Adam Pearce
(as lead singer for Black Magnolia)
2012: 10-track “Stop Me Now”

Dave Crosby
2011: 12-track album “Just So You Know”
2017: 5-track EP “Shapeshifting Monster” (song at left)

Dylan Gerard
(as lead singer with Don’t Sigh Daisy)
2008: 5-track EP “The Infinite Musings of …”
2009: 6-track EP “They Call It History”
2011: 8-track album “Go On”
2012: 9-track holiday album “Sounds of the Season
2017: single, “Better Man” (listen at left)

Emily Luther
2015 cover singles: “Little Toy Guns,” “Conquerer”
and “Love Me Like You Do” (with Jake Coco)

Hannah Mrozak
2012 single: “It’s In Me”

Jon Mero
2015 single: “Christmastime”
2016 single: “Tell Me”

Whitney Fenimore
2010: 7-track EP, “Ready. Let. Go.”
2012 single: “Can’t Find My Heart”
2014: 7-track EP, “In Between”
(as Fenimore)
2015 single: “Wake Up”
2016 single: “When I Fall in Love”

Team Jennifer Hudson

Davon Fleming
2016 single: “I Need You”

Lucas Holliday
(with Tell Yo Mama)
2016: 12-track album, “Good Thang”
(as solo artist)
2016: 6-track EP, “Next Holliday”

2017: 3-song EP, “Good Thing”

Meagan McNeal
2014: 8-track album, “Mindset”

Stephan Marcellus
2015 single: “Papa,” “Puppeteer”

Team Miley Cyrus

Addison Agen
2016: 10-track album, “New Places”

Chloe Kohanski
(with Cumberland Blue)
2014: 6-track EP, “The Awakening
(with Grant & Chloe)
2016: 10-track album, “Volume 1”

Janice Freeman
2017 single: “You”

Moriah Formica
2016: 6-track EP, “Bring It On.”
2017 singles: “No Regrets,” “Time” and “Here’s My Heart”

Shilo Gold
2016: 5-track EP, “Sideways Glances”
2017: 8-track album, “Nocturne”

Team Blake Shelton

Adam Cunningham
2007: 13-track album, “Adam Cunningham”
2011: 12-track album, “What About Tonight”
2013 single: “Martin’s Song”
2014 single: “”Dear God Breathe on Us Now”
2016 single: “I’m a Fighter”

Anna Catherine DeHart
(With Dirtroad Express)
2012 singles: “Denim and Pearls,” “Losing the Game”
(as solo artist)
2014 singles: “Love Without Warning,” “Rhinestone Lover”
2015 singles: “Waiting on the Sun to Rise,”
“See You Tonight” (with Jordan Copeland)

Keisha Renee
2013 single: “LMAO”
2015 singles: “Cold Breeze,” “Somebody to Love”

Kristi Hoopes
2014 single: “At Least It’s Something”
2016 single: “In My Own Sweet Time”

Mitchell Lee
(with Southwood)
2011: 4-track EP, “Southwood”
2013: 6-track EP, “Dixiana”
(as Michael Lee Wetherington)
2015 single: “Long Gray Line”

Natalie Stovall
(as Natalie Stovall and The Drive)
2015 singles: “Mason Jar” and “Miss You the Most”
2015: 6-track self-titled EP
2016: 6-track EP, “Heartbreak”

Noah Mac
2017: 6-track EP, “Light”

Red Marlow
5-track EP, “Red Marlow”
5-track EP, “When the Sun Shines Too”
5-track EP, “Fire It Up”
Single: “Whatcha Think About That”

Ryan Scripps
(as Ryan ‘n’ Cece with Cece Bamberg)
2014: 3-track EP, “That’s Something”
(as Ryan Scripps)
2016: 6-track EP, “Everything But Her”

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