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Adam Cunningham snags a second straight save on The Voice


Adam Levine poses with team members Adam Cunningham and Addison Agen after Tuesday's episode of The Voice. (NBC Photo)

Adam Levine poses with team members Adam Cunningham and Addison Agen after Tuesday’s episode of The Voice. (NBC Photo)

For the second straight week, Adam Cunningham of Team Adam Levine found himself in the bottom two on The Voice.

And for the second straight week, Voice viewers pulled him back from the brink of elimination by granting him the Twitter save.

The real surprise during Tuesday’s results show was Adam’s companion in the bottom two.

Janice Freeman, the Team Miley powerhouse, landed there just a week after closing the Top 12 show with a highly celebrated performance of “The Story.”

This Monday, she opened the show with “Shine” by Collective Soul. And while the performance might not have been as widely praised, it certainly marked one of the show’s first-hour highlights.

Personally, I thought Adam had the better of the two save performances Tuesday night.

But, forced to choose, I probably would have saved Janice based on her body of work throughout the first six weeks of the show.

I mean, I was seriously considering moving her into the Top 4 in next week’s rankings.

Here are my grades for those save-me performances.

Adam Cunningham (Team Adam): He chose Lonestar’s “Amazed” as his save song. Adam delivered a brilliant opening. And like last week in a save situation, there’s no doubt he’s pouring heart and soul into the performance. And, wow, that was a heck of a glory note right at the end. My problem: Last week I criticized Janice for over-singing “The Story.” I think Adam did the same with “Amazed” over the final minute over so. It’s supposed to be a tender ballad, the love song you always hear at weddings, right? There was tons of passion, but nothing tender about the last minute of that performance. Grade: B–

Janice Freeman (Team Miley): She chose Sia’s “Chandelier.” I stuck with Janice through the first verse, realizing she was trying to put her own stamp on a hit song. I knew she’s soar when she hit the chorus. And soar she did. Problem was, she kept right on belting, full throttle, through the rest of the song. And, frankly, her voice sounded shot. Not nearly as pitch perfect as we’ve come to expect from her. Put simply: It was not my favorite Janice performance. Even the ending seemed a bit out of control. Grade: C

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