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Colton, Heejun, Phillip most popular among Idol’s final 13


UPDATE:  I just checked the Twitter and Facebook pages of the 13 finalists on American Idol.

The numbers confirmed what I suspected.

Heading into week one of the finals, Phillips Phillips, Colton Dixon and Heejun Han are the most popular contestants.

You can check out the number of Facebook likes and Twitter followers each contestant has below.

The gap between those three (plus Erika Van Pelt on Twitter) is pretty phenomenal.

How much relevance does that have on the show’s outcome?

Well, I doubt the numbers are all-telling.  But I also checked them before the semifinals.

The contestants at the top of the list for the gals and guys breezed into the finals on fan voting.

The contestants near the bottom of both lists — Hallie Day, Brielle Von Hugel, Creighton Fraker and Aaron Marcellus — are no longer in the competition.

Check back tonight, when I’ll be live blogging about the first round of the Season 11 finals and grading each performance as it occurs.


1.   Phillip Phillips:  @PPhillips — 38.182

2.    Colton Dixon:  @CDixonAI11 — 36,572

3.  Heejun Han:  @HHanAI11 —  36,457

4.   Erika Van Pelt:   @EVanPeltAI11 — 30,412

5.   Jessica Sanchez:   @JSanchezAI11  — 17,352

6.   DeAndre Brackensick:   @BrackensickAI11 — 13,369

7.   Skylar Laine:   @SLaineAI11 —  12,938

8.  Shannon Magrane:   @SMagraneAI11 — 11,906

9.   Hollie Cavanagh:   @CavanaghAI11 — 10,584

10.   Jeremy Rosado:   @JRosadoAI11 —  10,087

11.   Joshua Ledet:    @JLedetAI11 — 8,488

12.   Elise Testone:   @ETestoneAI11 — 6,918

13.  Jermaine Jones:   @JJonesAI11 — 2,998


1. Colton Dixon:   23,730

2. Heejun Han:   18,054

3. Phil Phillips:   15,583

4. Jessica Sanchez:  11,532

5. Deandre Brackensick:   10,512

6. Skylar Laine:  9,723

7. Hollie Cavanagh:   7,815

8. Joshua Ledet:   7,623

9. Elise Testone:   7,233

10. Shannon Magrane:   6,953

11. Jeremy Rosado:   6,247

12. Erika Van Pelt:   5,833

13.  Jermaine Jones:  2,960

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