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Diva Week? The X Factor has lost its mind


The X Factor has proclaimed this Diva Week.

And if a big “WHAT?!?!?” just registered in your mind, you’re not alone.

I mean, let’s pretend I’m a producer on The X Factor and for some insane reason decided to let fate pick my theme.

If I put all the themes from all the singing shows I’ve ever seen on a roulette wheel, gave it a big spin, and it landed on Diva Week, I think my response would be: “Oh, crap.”

I mean, let’s check out The X Factor landscape.

The Overs: Tate Stevens and Vino Alan. Diva Week material?

Hmm, not quite.

The Groups: Fifth Harmony (if they haven’t changed names again), Lyric 145, Emblem 3. Diva Week material?

Read those last two groups again. Recall their past performances. Are you kidding me?

The rest: Beatrice Miller, Jenell Garcia, Diamond White, Paige Thomas, Cece Frey, Arin Rey.

Beatrice doesn’t seem to have a diva bone in her body. Jenell is best when she’s young and fun.

The rest have done nothing to show they’re ready to tackle a big ballad by Whitney, Beyonce, Mariah or Celine.

Diamond tried. Just last week. Result: Train wreck awful.

Of course, I left out Carly Rose Sonenclar, who can probably pull this off. Fifth Harmony, with its wonderful harmonies, might do well, too.

So we have a theme well suited to two of 12 remaining contestants.

Make sense?

Only in X Factor fantasy land.

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