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Former Voice contestant labeled ‘rude, disrespectful’ in exit from The Four


Former The Voice contestant Jason Warrior exited The Four Thursday in less than graceful fashion. (FOX Photo)

Former The Voice contestant Jason Warrior exited The Four Thursday in less than graceful fashion. (FOX Photo)

A week ago, Jason Warrior apologized for engaging in trash talk with an opponent on The Four, saying it wasn’t a true reflection of who he is.

The former contestant on The Voice was eliminated during Thursday’s show, then took part in a bizarre exchange with Meghan Trainor, one of the show’s judges.

It all started when Vincint, a 26-year-old from Philly and a gospel singer’s son, won the right to challenge a member of The Four.

He opted to take on Jason, who had fended off challenges the previous two weeks and was one win away from making next week’s The Four finale.

Jason opted to sing “Ordinary People” by John Legend and turned in a decent vocal featuring a frill-filled ending. Vincint responded with a cover of “Sitting Up In My Room” by Brandy, and the audience seemed to love his dance moves as much as his vocals.

Then it was feedback time. Meghan said she wasn’t as excited with Jason’s performance as she has been in the past and that maybe it was because he was doing a John Legend song “and we already have that.” She loved Vincint’s performance.

Sean “Diddy” Combs, on the other hand, believed Jason deserved to win and get a spot in the finals.

The audience voted. Vincint was proclaimed the winner.

And then things got weird.

Jason approached the judge’s table, professed his love for Meghan, but accused her of saying things that are “hurtful.”

Huh? For expressing her opinion? Which is sorta what judges are supposed to do?

Meghan was clearly confused. Even more so when Jason started serenading her between his criticisms.

Then someone shouted for security. But instead of being escorted off stage, Jason wound up back on stage alongside host Fergie telling everyone they’d be hearing from him again.

That’s not where the weirdness ended.

Off stage, Jason proclaimed he’d just given the performance of his life.

“What Meghan said, about there already being a John Legend. Sorry, Meghan, but I don’t think John Legend is doing the things I’m doing.

“If I would have been treated a lot more fairly, I have a very great feeling that I could have won this show.”

Then the camera cut back to the judges. “Diddy” called Jason’s exchange with Meghan as “crazy, rude and disrespectful.”

Meghan could be heard telling her fellow judges she wouldn’t want to work with someone like that.

To cap it all off, The Four Twitter account sent out this message: “Your presence on #TheFour was legendary! ? We’ll miss you @jason_warrior_!” And it was complete with a much more rationale exit interview.

So, did Jason get a bum edit from the show? Was the whole thing staged? Was what 3 million or so viewers saw on TV a true reflection of what took place?

It doesn’t matter really. On the show, Jason came off looking like a temperamental artist with an overblown opinion of his own talent.

And that should be a warning to anyone who considers auditioning for the mess FOX calls The Four.

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  1. D. White February 10, 2018 at 9:47 pm -  Reply

    Humility goes a long way. Jason hasnt learned that yet. He is very talented and thats a fact. Again. Humility needs to be apart of his life

  2. Lynn February 11, 2018 at 7:20 am -  Reply

    I’ve been watching the show. I like Meghan Trainer but I think the camera focuses in on conversations that shouldn’t be aired. When the Judges have to decide when to allow the contestant to battle the four – comments should be made then. Comments about the performance shouldn’t be made just before the audience votes. She’s basically telling the audience what to do. Some may take heed to her “opinion”. I personally was getting bothered byvsome of her comments and I understood why Jason said something. Her comments are hurtful. She’s said a lot worse in my opinion about others though. Crazy thing is – she didn’t learn and kept it up. Yes – he is trying to make it and she”s already there. At the end of the day – celebrities are “people” too. What? Just because she’s a celebrity- she can say what she wants and contestants can’t?

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